Returning: White Collar

2014-06-17_1249White Collar returns to ONE later this month for its 5th season, starring the dashing Matt Bomer.

It’s back at 7.30pm Wednesday, June 25.

These episodes aired in the US in October.

“At What Price”

Peter is in prison facing murder charges. It has been six weeks since the shooting of Senator Pratt and every piece of evidence points to Peter as the murderer. If Neal’s father does not confess, there is little chance of Peter being released.

Neal receives a text from Curtis Hagan. Hagan has a plan to free Peter and clear the charges against his name. Neal will have to forge audio of his father confessing to the shooting and in exchange Hagan asks Neal to pull a job.

Neal is conflicted by Hagan’s proposition but knows he has an obligation to save Peter. Peter is freed and welcomed home by his loved ones, with a promotion to the head of the White Collar division on the cards. But will Neal be able to hold up his end of the deal with Hagan?


  1. @Sydney2K

    James picked up Peter’s gun, while wearing gloves, from the bag while the Senator was holding Peter at gunpoint. James shot the Senator with Peter’s gun when the Senator moved to fire; so self defense. He then picked up the Senator’s gun and put Peter’s gun down. Peter then picked up his gun and fired a warning shot. James, gambling that Peter wouldn’t shoot him in the back, left with the Senator’s gun. The FBI turned up and arrested Peter.

    So forensics (fingerprints, ballistics, gunshot residue) will all match Peter shooting the Senator, and the Senator being unarmed.

  2. I didn’t realise season 4 was on, last time I watched there were only repeats. The one thing that bugs me though, an autopsy would have shown that Peter’s gun wasn’t the bullet that killed Pratt.

  3. One only has 13 eps a year to show, that leaves 49 weeks for repeats or something else.

    So they showed the old eps again for people who missed them and saved the new ones for Winter when there is less on and they will get better numbers.

    There’s been so much on the last few months that had it been on earlier I would have just added to pile of stuff on my DVR to watch over Winter anyway.

  4. Woohoo =D! About time One! I never understood why they continued to show repeats on a Wednesday when they had new episodes available. But at least One are getting to USA series quicker than Seven – still no word on Covert Affairs return which hasn’t been shown in 18+ months.

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