Seven ends development on A Place to Call Home

Seven has ended development of its third season and actor contracts have lapsed.

2014-06-10_1454Seven has ended production development on the third season of A Place to Call Home and options for cast members have not been renewed.

A decision made last week means the show’s future is now in doubt, and not expected to hit screens in 2015.

“The development of series three is off the deck,” a spokesperson told TV Tonight.

“It’s no longer on the list. It’s put aside.

“The decision not to proceed on Series 3 was a Programming decision not a creative decision.”

The drama was created by Bevan Lee, who originally spoke about a vision of the show in three stages, driven by the characters’ past, presents and future. This season has also included ‘flash-forward’ moments as part of the storytelling.

While Seven has not ruled out an open door for the drama some time in the future, it made similar murmurs when City Homicide and Packed to the Rafters ended.

Other drama projects in development, include a completed pilot called Hartman’s Solution and more of Rebecca Gibney’s Killing Field vehicle, most likely under a new name.

Filming for Season Two of A Place to Call Home has been completed and is currently airing on Seven where it is winning its timeslot.

TV Week first reported Seven had passed on the series while The Age first reported contracts had lapsed.


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  1. We live in Maine in the USA and were astonished to find such a fine show amid most of the garbage available -worldwide. We tripped on season 1 accidentally and were waiting for this season. The acting is great, direction super, scenes wonderful, subjects meaningful.. and now just axed?
    Well past idiotic.
    The first scene this season (interview/flashback) shows the long term promise the writers must have felt about this product, so we find it a total shock to find out not only is this show critically terrific, but a ratings winner in Australia (this should be re-sold here in the USA, BTW) and it gets the axe.
    Now what — Naked dating? (Yes, seriously)

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