Sexism not in TV but in social media, says SBS commentator.

2014-01-15_0039SBS presenter Lucy Zelic has hit back at critics who suggest a woman has no place in commentating football.

Zelic, who joined as an on-air presenter in September has come under fire on social media by some who have questioned her expertise and, it seems, her gender.

Writing for Fairfax she said:

In my short time in the television industry, I’ve been incredibly fortunate not to experience sexism from ‘the inside.’ In what is most certainly a rare situation to be in, I feel blessed that my SBS colleagues embraced me from the moment I stepped foot inside the building. I walked in there expecting to be treated like an equal and I am. I never thought of myself as different and they’ve never treated me like a woman and by that, I mean different. That level of respect has extended to those in the industry, right down to the footballers on the pitch.

But it’s another story on social media she suggests:

In my role, I am subjected to comments about my appearance, cop criticism suggesting that I ‘know nothing about football’ and that I am ‘riding on the coattails of my brother’s success’.

Despite holding a journalism degree and major in sports business, plus the years of accumulated sports knowledge I have under my belt, I am still regarded as ‘the woman’ to some fans of the game.

You can read more on her views here.

Zelic has commentated for A-League team alongside David Zdrilic and Craig Foster, co-presented Thursday FC, is a former Miss Universe Australia finalist, sister to former Socceroo Ned Zelic, appeared on 106.3FM’s Balls n’ All football show and commentated games for Canberra United.

David Zdrilic and Lucy Zelic will host FIFA World Cup matches from SBS’s Sydney studio from this week.

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