TEN goes back to the future with Family Feud reboot

TEN turns to a recycled format and host in a move that reeks of a lack of imagination.

2014-06-01_0039TEN has confirmed its 6pm entertainment show will be a revival of Family Feud.

The revival from FremantleMedia had been rumoured as late as last year but News Corp reports TEN has signed Grant Denyer as its host.

Both are a surprising move as the network seeks to shore up its numbers against Seven and Nine news bulletins.

Family Feud has a long history on Australian television dating back to 1977, but aside from new hosts and sets has arguably remained an old-fashioned format.

Grant Denyer, who quit Million Dollar Minute citing its “gruelling” schedule is also on record as saying he never “ever wanted to be a game show host.”

Today he tells News Corp “But in my defence, I don’t see this show in the same frame as the usual game show. It’s less formal.”

If Family Feud isn’t a decidedly usual game show, I don’t know what is, Grant.

Even The Rich List managed to take the same concept of audience-survey lists and find a more contemporary way of packaging it. And that was seven years ago.

Denyer, who was last in the news over allegations of drug rehabilitation, says he is pursuing legal action against Woman’s Day magazine, and sees the new show as a “fresh start.”

But this news reeks of a lack of imagination. If this is the best TEN’s brains trust can come up with for 6:00 then it’s probably time to hoist the white flag.

Or Homer Simpson.

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  1. I have a suggestion for a game show that might work if Family Feud fails. It’s what you might call “the opposite” of Family Feud, and it’s a programme that is very popular on the BBC right now.
    The name – “Pointless”.

  2. How can everyone judge something they haven’t even seen yet. Personally I think it will be refreshing to see a little light entertainment that my whole family can watch, as an option to what can often be dramatised & depressing news programs on at that time. Why not just give it a supportive chance… And grant for that matter.

  3. For those who are now wondering which article is the record: tvtonight.com.au/2011/03/colin-lane-new-host-of-ready-steady-cook.html

    This isn’t a quarter of the way there yet.

  4. I’d rather see an australian version of ‘the chase’, but I really don’t think that a game show at 6 p.m is going to work for Ten. Why don’t they move shows around:
    16:30: bold and the beautiful
    17:00: the project
    17:30: *gameshow* or the project
    18:00: ten news
    19:00: Masterchef aus
    Anyway those are my thoughts…..

  5. I watched a couple of Eps of Slideshow and he was by far the weakest thing about it. It was pretty harmless g-rated family fun that kids would have liked but seriously any of the quest performers (the comics) they had on that show would have been a better choice to host family feud. They need someone who can crack gags with the contestants.

  6. @ deedeedragoms June 2 2.50 pm

    Totally agree, shame the questions are mostly ‘Old Dart’ related, but I suppose anything may be better than if it was an ‘ Australian’ version ( as with Nine’s Top Gear) and if on TEN, no doubt the ‘Eggheads’ would be soft boiled and once again the ‘yoke’ would be on us.

  7. @ Turtle

    Was ‘Random’ a typo?, I would have thought it seems they were linked into a ‘Radioactive Generator’ considering that despite overseas and local viewer popularity most programmes that get exposed on Network TEN, seems to suffer the same symptoms as if they have been ‘Nuked’?

    Is it sheer irony that all ‘final countdowns’ always begin at ‘Ten’…Nine…Eight ………….

  8. They did some consumer testing a couple months back basically asking who would be the better host out of Grant Denyer and Wippa (from Nova) for a rebooted Family Feud.
    Wippa was clearly the better choice, he looked better, he had more personally, he was funnier, all of that…but They must have been scared off that he doesn’t have the tv profile. Which is a shame. I think FF could have been watchable with Wippa. Now they’ve completely shot themselves in the foot with Denyer.
    Enough of him already.

  9. David, 101 comments and rising – is this a record?

    And Ten should be paying you a fee for market research for the wealth of this rich feedback. It has to be more constructive than any of the slop they must be hearing in any focus group – if they are doing any.

  10. This is insanity. All game shows appeal to a 55+ demo, and this demo doesn’t watch TEN. At 6.00pm this is certain ratings death. More proof that TEN have no imagination or idea how to lift their performance.

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