The ABC wishes to apologise for Wednesday

Ratings: ABC's apology to Chris Kenny came in between two low-rating shows as it struggled on Wednesday.

ABC1APOABC felt the pain of its Wednesday line-up last night with disappointing returns for Spicks and Specks and Jonah from Tonga.

While QI managed 557,000 viewers, it dropped to 371,00 for its music trivia show then to 289,000 for Chris Lilley’s comic sojourn.

In the middle of both was ABC’s apology to columnist Chris Kenny -which ironically may have reached more viewers attached to tonight’s Checkout by the same Chaser team.

But they weren’t the only shows to face grim news with Nine’s dating show When Love Comes to Town hitting 510,000.

Meanwhile Seven was smiling with House Rules on top and another win for the night.

Seven network won with a share of 33.1% then Nine 26.3%, TEN 20.3%, ABC 14.9% and SBS 5.3%.

House Rules was #1 at 1.38m for Seven then Seven News (1.16m / 1.06m), Home and Away (929,000), The Goldbergs (869,000 / 664,000) and Million Dollar Minute. The Bridesmaids movie was 297,000.

Nine News (1.21m / 1.08m) was best for Nine followed by A Current Affair (951,000), The Big Bang Theory (812,000 /  783,000), Hot Seat (691,000) and When Love Comes to Town slipped again to 510,000. Mom was 310,000.

TEN saw seamless retention from Masterchef Australia to Offspring both on 828,000. Next were TEN Eyewitness News (634,000), The Project (620,000 / 424,000) and The Good Wife (442,000). Modern Family was 346,000.

ABC News (779,000) remained ABC1’s best performer then 7:30 (631,000), QI (557,000 / 362,000), Spicks and Specks (371,000), Jonah from Tonga (289,000) and a repeat of Upper Middle Bogan (202,000).

Walking Through History (290,000) was well in front of other SBS ONE titles One Born Every Minute (172,000), SBS World News (166,000) and the final Bridge (115,000).

ABC2’s Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (295,000) again topped multichannels.

Sunrise: 359,000
Today: 301,000
ABC News Breakfast: 65,000 / 44,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 4 June 2014

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  1. HardcorePrawn. Its called the Streisand effect. Barbra wanted to block an unrelated photo of her house in a story about beach erosion that had been seen by 4 people and the resulting publicity made heaps look it up.

  2. I saw the Kenny incident on the Chaser, didn’t understand what they were trying to say, but felt a bit negative about it – being a dog lover!
    Can appreciate Mr Kenny’s displeasure, and find it most amusing that the ABC had to apologise. Not so amusing that their funds had to be used to pay court costs. An early apology might have saved their money. Our money, that is.
    Missed the apology as I watch (record) Jonah on ABC2. Record all ABC stuff now, so I can wind past garbage and pause credits so they can be read before shrinking to promote another show I won’t be watching.

  3. HardcorePrawn ……. exactly.

    I had never heard of Chris Kenny until he turned up wanting an apology and the commercial channel that we were on showed the details?? LOL

  4. Mrs Prawn and I were watching S&S last night so caught the apology.

    Mrs Prawn, being unaware of what it alluded to, or even who Chris Kenny is, asked me to explain it to her. So I did.
    So now she knows exactly who Chris Kenny is, and what it was that the Chaser boys implied that he did to dogs.

    I’m sure Mr Kenny will be delighted to hear of that. Had Mr Kenny not pursued this action then she, and I suspect many, many others, would probably be none the wiser.

  5. have watched Offspring since inception and have to say that this season so far is my favourite. would love to know the song used in the final scene last night.
    Also, Oz drama is in a good spot at the moment. Offspring, Puberty Blues, A Place To Call Home. All such brilliant shows.

  6. I have already said this before , but this season Offspring is the best since season 2. Well done to the writers and everyone in creative team for putting on an excellent season. The cast is outstanding, and in last nights episode the scene with Asher & Kat was worthy of another Logie. Wish they could take home an award next year together.

    I really thought when Offspring killed of Patrick, that the audience numbers would drop to the 500k-600k mark. So far I am wrong, and many people I know use Tenplay to catch up. Well done Offspring 🙂

  7. TGW is one of the few network dramas that still tries to come up with interesting ideas and make the most out of every scene.

    It doesn’t rate well with 18-49s in the US though. Here its ratings dropped during the first season, Ten moved it to a later slot and half the audience disappeared never to return.

  8. Interesting set of numbers last night.

    ABC have done the right thing in pulling Spicks and Specks remaining eps and I would say Chris Lilley has had his run with the national broadcaster.

    The Goldbergs will be like Mom next week – ordinary numbers because it is another US sitcom and they don’t work anymore (exception TBBT).

    Congrats Ten – all three shows are doing great business – Good Wife has really picked up numbers given its after 9.30pm showing.

    And lastly, WLCTT cannot be on Nine for two nights next week on those numbers and will possibly be pushed back to 9.30pm.

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