Vale: Ann B. Davis

Veteran character actress Ann B. Davis, known as the inimitable Alice on The Brady Bunch, has died, aged 88.

alicenelsonVeteran character actress Ann B. Davis, known as the inimitable Alice on The Brady Bunch, has died, aged 88.

Davis died after a fall in her bathroom, CNN reported, adding that she hit her head and never regained consciousness.

Davis, won two Emmy Awards for her role as the secretary Schultzy on The Bob Cummings Show in the 1950s and had a regular role on The John Forsythe Show in the mid 60s.

But it was her role as the indefatigable housekeeper Alice Nelson for the Brady clan that she will always be remembered. With her diligent house-keeping and daffy humour she was the perfect scoutmaster to the 6 Brady children, and a relentless spinster to butcher Sam.

Other credits included various Brady reunions, The Brady Bunch Vareity Hour, The Brady Girls Get Married, A Very Brady Christmas plus Wagon Train, The Love Boat, Love American Style, and The Phyllis Diller Show

In The Brady Bunch Movie she amusingly made a cameo appearance as a truck driver, dishing out advice to Jan Brady.

In later years she lived a very religious life, joining an Episcopal community in Colorado.

On Twitter, Florence Henderson said, “I’m so shocked & saddened to learn my dear friend & colleague Ann B Davis died today.I spoke with her a few months ago & she was doing great.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. This is sad, makes me feel old. I wanted to be in that family do bad, I wanted to be just like Marcia! if it wasn’t for Alice the Bradys would have starved, she did everything for them while Carol just looked pretty!

  2. I loved her character Alice & wished i had a housekeeper like her as a child. Even when i grew up & realized how ridiculous the show was i secretly had a soft spot for it even though it was unfashionable.
    Thats why the 90’s movies were so good, they completely tapped into that & Ann’s cameo in the first one was perfect. If fans have not seen the movies i highly recommend them.

  3. This is sad, but strangely i had been expecting it – i knew she was in her late 80’s, but a bad way to go.
    Ann was a fixture in my upbringing viewing, she was such a positive, loving and quirky character on screen. Luckily in syndication she will live on forever!

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