Adam and Lisa win House Rules 2014

hrulAdam and Lisa have won House Rules.

The Victorian couple defeated WA grandparents Carole and Russell in the Live finale, winning their entire mortgage paid off.

“This has just been unbelievable,”said Adam.

“I couldn’t be more proud of Lisa.”

“This means we can get married, start a family and our lives will be less stressful. Thank you to everyone who voted,” said Lisa.

“Being on House Rules has changed our lives,” said Adam.

The finale between the “dark horse” and “war horse” couples entailed one last renovation challenge, a dual bar / spa for their opponents.

The scores comprised half the points from judges…

Judges Joe Snell and Wendy Moore:
Adam and Lisa: 17 points
Carole and Russell: 19 points

But another half of the vote was from viewers, who gave the win to the Victorian couple.

Despite losing, Carole and Russell were good sports, congratulating formidable opponents and talking up their home renovation.

Seven’s renovation series has performed strongly this year, with ratings nudging 1.8m viewers, and shunning its sluggish 2013 launch. But there was also headlines that speculated some couples had amassed property portfolios, contradicting their television image.

A separate competition also saw the show give away a whopping $250,000 to a lucky viewer.

Seven has already greenlit a third season for 2015 and is calling for new contestants.

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  1. harrypotter1994

    Only just watched this today after being on holidays for a week. Sad for Carole and Russell that they didn’t win but great of course for Adam and Lisa. 2 years in a row my faves have been 2nd place

    Have to say Jo is the most down to earth Reality host on tv…super job!

  2. re: other houses. Maddie & Lloyd clearly had a space under their house, Ryan & Candy had their garage and Bomber had his shed. I suspect Brooke and Grant had something too – it would be a pre-requisite when you apply.

  3. once-upon-a-time

    I think if we could find out if the sparkling confetti machine and pyrotechnics were set up at both places, we would learn much?.

    Does it also mean those other couples with a slab house and or no unused outside shed area, weren’t in contention from the start?

  4. Result is not fair!  Voting is close before viewing the last renovation competition!

    I can’t imagine Adam and Lisa still won with hard and uncomfortable seats at the end of the bar, window ridiculously folding to the left side near the entrance of the bar…it doesn’t look comfortable at all!!!

    From last year and this year’s results, I can read Channel 7’s outcomes…they prefer to give the prize to the younger couple, because it brings the stronger message of
    “How Channel 7 can change their lives”

    If they give it to C&R, they have grand kids running around…with or without the prize…

    If they give it to A&L, they can get married and start a family – that’s a bigger change.

    It’s cheating…yes Russell was introducing the outdoor shower even without walking up there and seeing it…they must have done it before filming. 

  5. Yes,what was the size of their mortgage ,what was the budget for each zone and what where the numbers of the viewers vote. Things we need to know. The Perth couple must have been furious when the millionaire story broke. Public opinion would have been against them and they got what they deserved.

  6. The finale went to long and really dragged out. It also felt disjointed having the finalists separated from the other contestants.

    Candy and Ryan’s segment was awkward and should’ve been excluded now we know the status of their relationship.

    I too think the couples had seen their bar area before they recorded their segment. Didn’t have that surprised air that other reveals had.

    Its quite funny that channel seven work so hard to create nastiness on their reality shows but the nicest couple on the show wins by public vote.

  7. Congrats Adam and Lisa!
    Although I’m not sure about the gold bullion wallpaper!
    It was an enjoyable series and looking forward to next year.

  8. @ David – As the cameras cut from Adam and Lisa drinking martinis – back to outside – I thought to myself – Where the hell did the camera man get to ?!

  9. So happy they won.

    Agree it was absolutely clear the reveals were pre-recorded, but a minor flaw in an otherwise well put together grand final which was more about content than filler.

    Poida – the renovations essentially take place every other week. They take 8 days to film the reno, 1 day to film judges and reveal then another day to film the results. Contestants then get a couple of days off before the next one.

  10. The reveal certainly did look pre-recorded. When Russell and Carole came out at the end it looked like they were hiding just out of camera shot and then suddenly popped out.
    Why don’t they just have the reveals all pre-recorded and have them in the studio for the winner announcement? That would be so much better.

  11. davodavo6666

    Can anybody explain how the viewer vote integrated with the judges to get the winner, happy with the result but just want to know? And I agree, Russell knew where the shower was before seeing it and Adam & Lisa sitting down next to the martini’s looked rehearsed.

  12. I am convinced that both couples saw their new bars long ago and pretended to be surprised for the live show.

    And it would be interesting to know how much time elapsed between each house renovation given that the contestants had to fly to Sydney to film the ‘reveal’ then fly to the next house. Am guessing at least a week given they started renovating last year.

  13. Haha, that made me wander around the mobile site a bit more to find the daily pick – usually only read the feed. I’ll not tune in until after the even in WA next time. Feel free to delete the comment 🙂

  14. Rob Victoria

    I’m glad Adam and Lisa won. I read an article about Carol and Russell – they own three properties (worth around $2.5 million) and only purchased the house for renovation a couple of months before the show started and apparently Carol was very sneaky when the property was bought. Neighbours also said that a Salvation Army truck turned up and dropped off loads of furniture. This was to give viewers the impression they were poor. So much for giving the Aussie battler a helping hand. I wonder how long it will be before they put the property on the market. I think the producers of the show should check if the contestants own more than one property. If so, they should not be allowed to enter.

  15. @JM, their mortgage was $520,000 which was the highest out of all the couples. This show is following the same trajectory as MKR. Wouldn’t surprise me if it is even bigger next year.

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