Airdate: 50 Years Young

Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar will host TEN's 50th anniversary special.

2014-07-09_1120.jpg.TEN’s special for its Birthday, 50 Years Young, will air on at 7.30pm on Friday, August 8, hosted by Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar.

I must admit I thought this might have been deserving of a more profile timeslot (Sunday 6:30 perhaps?), and maybe with a blast from the past co-hosting with current faces.

But there are some great names referenced in this Press Release that will make it a must-see for TV addicts everywhere.

TEN is also still looking for viewers to vote in its poll for their favourite show.

Carrie Bickmore said: “I’m thrilled to be co-hosting 50 Years Young with Peter Helliar. As a child I used to watch It’s A Knockout with my family and we would try and use inflatable pool toys and fun things to create our own version of the show in the backyard.

“This is a great opportunity for everyone to cast their vote and have their say in Ten’s 50 Years Young celebration.”

Peter Helliar said: “I’m looking forward to looking back on some iconic TEN moments. Carrie and I can’t wait to recreate Scott and Charlene’s wedding as the centrepiece of our hosting duties.”

The celebration special will include a galaxy of television stars, including Dr Chris Brown, Sandra Sully, Johnny Young, Chrissie Swan, Denise Drysdale, Claudia Karvan, Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, Samuel Johnson, Osher Gunsberg, Jennifer Hansen, Steve Vizard, Dave Hughes, Bruce Mansfield, Terence Donovan, Ian “Dicko” Dickson, Toni Pearen, Ed Phillips, the cast of Neighbours and many more.

We want you to be part of 50 Years Young, by voting for your favourite homegrown TEN shows of all time. The results of the public vote will be revealed during this special television event.

Go to www.tenplay.com.au/50 to vote.

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  1. Doubt it will be worthy of a better slot, just another 20 to 1 style countdown show. I went & voted, no where near 50 shows on the list & many that were very uninspiring amongst that small number. Really need to include overseas shows, my guess is it will feature shows from overseas, but only the ones they could get cheap clip rights for. Not a true countdown voted for by the viewers.

  2. I will try and watch this. It should be on a Sunday Night in primetime. Some of my favourite oz shows were: Video Hits, Rove Live, CheezTV, GNW, Sports Tonight, Before the Game, Fifth Quarter, Full Frontal. There were many shows from the states that i liked and that TEN built their reputation and branding on.

  3. @dshan: Don’t forget how a whole raft of FOX-TV hits helped TEN get re-established and profitable again in the early 1990s after receivership/liquidation. The Simpsons was joined by Beverly Hills 90210, The X Files, Melrose Place, Cops and Studs among others. Truly a golden era as far as TV is concerned.

  4. I can remember being so excited as a young child when a whole new TV channel launched back then! But looking at the list of shows to vote for I am underwhelmed. To make up a list of 50 locally produced shows they’ve clearly had to scrape the very bottom of a rather shallow barrel.

    The Biggest Loser or Rove Live? Chopper Squad or It’s a Knockout? Number 96 or Pot of Gold? Please stop or I’ll die laughing!

    Ten’s real strength was always when they picked the best overseas programs and brought them to Australian audiences (and it’s been quite a while since they managed that of course).

    Ten has lived off two of the greatest TV shows of all time for decades – MASH and The Simpsons – but all we can vote for on their 50th anniversary is a list of mostly forgettable junk-food TV they made here.

  5. Now I truly understand why Neighbours is still languishing on Eleven – they just don’t give a stuff.

    Why put such a celebratory program on on a Friday night, or Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday for that matter. This deserves so much more – but then, so does Neighbours.

    Soon enough, H&A will be the longest-running Australian soap, Seven having the last laugh on Ten, after having saved Neighbours in 1986.

    RIP TEN & Neighbours

  6. Mmmm, nobody in that lineup from the very beginning. Where’s Nancy Cato, John Michael Howson etc, although quite a lot are dead.

    I hear there’s a staff reunion being organised for those of us who were there from day 1 – I’ll be there Brian !

  7. Wow even Ten don’t care about themselves anymore… Imagine if this was on Nine or Seven – a primetime all singing and dancing show… 7:30 Friday night ! What happens to The Living Room that night ?

    Carrie Bickmore is okay as a host but seriously Peter Helliar and didn’t he leave Ten to go host a failed footy show on Seven anyway. I suppose the problem for Ten is they don’t have any stars anymore that people directly associate with the network.

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