Airdate: Greeks of the Sea

2014-07-03_1508Greek-Australian adventurer Nikos Andronicos presents a new 3 part series on SBS, Greeks of the Sea.

Andronicos embarks on a modern day odyssey through the Aegean Sea to meet the world’s most acclaimed mariners, and to discover the key to their success.

During his visit to more than two dozen Greek islands, Nikos encounters ferry captains, fishermen, sponge divers, traditional boat builders, patrol officers of the Hellenic Coast Guard, billionaire shipowners and yachting enthusiasts as well as countless other Greeks who say they were “born with salty blood”.

For Nikos, this journey is also a deeply personal one: his great-great grandfather was a fisherman from the island of Kythera. Greeks of the Sea sees Nikos return to his ancestral homeland to discover what has always set its mariners, like his grandfather, apart from their competitors and opponents.

Greeks of the Sea is far from a history lesson though; it’s about the future. As Nikos meets each character, he experiences first-hand the struggles they face today as the country endures its most severe financial and social challenges in generations. Nikos discovers that maintaining Greece’s position as the world’s leading seafaring nation could be these sea dogs’ biggest test.

Greeks of the Sea intertwines fascinating and moving stories of the sea within a rich tapestry of Greek culture, hospitality, religion, history and mythology.

Taking in breathtakingly beautiful islands and stepping aboard spectacular ships, viewers are in for a visual treat.

Greeks of the Sea is a Greek Seadogs/Tadpole Studios production in association with SBS Australia.

7:30pm Saturday 19 July on SBS ONE.

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