Airdate: Heston’s Great British Food

2014-07-15_2309Hooked on Heston? Fear not, SBS is here to fill you up with more in a new seven part series, Heston’s Great British Food.

Britain is home to some of the most iconic dishes in the world. From fish and chips to spotted dick, pie and mash to roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, these are the meals that have kept Brits full and happy for centuries.

In his new series, Heston’s Great British Food, Heston explores the stories behind some of these British favourites. He examines why roast beef became Britain’s national dish, how fish and chips were used to keep morale up during the war and over time what (or who) was the most unusual filling served up in a pie. On his travels around the country on this historical journey Heston discovers why these archetypal dishes are so deeply rooted in British culture. Unlocking their secret histories and exploring their origins he uses what he learns to help inspire an epic culinary salute to each one – all with a Heston twist of course.

In Heston’s Great British Food, Heston serves up delights such as edible rock pools, sweet hot dogs, real jack-in-the-box pies and chocolate tea pots, plus many more amazing, unexpected and incredible creations in a celebration of all the things that have helped make British food great.

Thursdays at 8.30pm from 31 July on SBS ONE.

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