Airdate: Kinne

2014-07-08_1322Tonight 7mate launches its new local sketch comedy Kinne starring Troy Kinne.

Following Bogan Hunters, this is unashamedly aimed at blokes who like their gags colloquial and full-bottled.

Good to see a multichannel dabbling in new talent.

Locally-produced comedy Kinne is a feisty mix of sketches, rapid fire one-liners and man- on-the-street pearls of wisdom from stand-up comedian, internet favourite and occasional landscape gardener, Troy Kinne.

Joined by an ensemble cast of mates with nothing better to do, Kinne skewers the little things in life with his straight-up and left-field take on the world.

In tonight’s episode, Troy’s fast-paced sketch series introduces characters such as the Impromptu Lifeguard and the Actual Bachelor, while also exploring Things Said by Couples Assembling IKEA Items, Street Vaguebooking and Regretful Bets.

10pm tonight on 7mate.


  1. @Secret Squirrel. It was quite good. I think it could have worked in a late slot on Seven. Thursdays have been a struggle for them and this could have done the trick.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    @J Bar – it’s prob too good for the main channel, not bland enough. Plus, I think it’s prob a good match with Bogan Hunters.

    At some point we’re going to have to move past thinking that the previous analogue channels are where all a network’s best content should go.

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