Airdate: Lip Service

lisevOn Friday night SBS 2 screens UK drama series Lip Service which centres around young gay women in Glasgow.

The 6-part series, which first aired in the UK in 2010, screened in Australia on Showcase.

It follows the premiere of Sex Box.

This new six-part irreverent and poignant comedy drama series focuses on the romantic lives of young gay women in contemporary Glasgow.

Frankie, Cat and Tess went to university together and in the subsequent years were all swept into relationships, but these relationships ended painfully, leading Frankie to leave for America to work as a photographer.

Now Frankie’s aunt has died, and she’s returning to the city where she left so much emotional destruction. It’s time to confront her family, herself, and her ex-love Cat. Architect Cat has finally plucked up the courage to re-enter the dating scene and meets loyal, feisty and funny cop Sam, who offers her everything that wild, capricious Frankie couldn’t. But with old passion simmering between Cat and Frankie, which path will the course of true love take?

Episode One:
When Frankie’s aunt Carol dies, she heads back to Glasgow with her aunt’s final mysterious message playing on her mind. Frankie’s arrival sends ex-lover Cat into a tailspin, and unsettles her enough for her to ruin her date with policeman Sam. Knowing how much Frankie will be grieving,

Cat is drawn to Frankie’s side, but Cat isn’t sure if she’ll ever be able to forgive Frankie for the pain she caused. Meanwhile, Tess has a disastrous encounter with her ex-girlfriend Chloe, but feels her luck is changing when she hits it off with the hot and apparently straight TV presenter Lou Foster.

Friday, 18 July at 9.30pm on SBS 2

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