Airdate: Rake (US)

2014-01-25_0106The US adaptation of Rake, starring Greg Kinnear and Miranda Otto, finally has its Australian debut next week on Universal.

The series, which ran for 13 episodes on FOX, is a few months old but was forbidden from airing on Aussie TV while the original was on ABC1.

Follows the chaotic world of criminal defence lawyer Keegan Deane. Brilliant, iconoclastic and innately self destructive, he has a mind numbing lack of discretion and a total inablility to pause before speaking his mind. From bigamist to cannibals and everything in between, the clients Keegan loves most are those whose cases appear to be utterly hopeless without him realising that he, himself is perhaps the most desperate case of all.

Premieres Wednesday, July 16 at 8.30pm.

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