Bumped: Ian Thorpe, MasterChef, Extant.

2014-07-03_1044TEN has brought forward its full Sunday night schedule, presumably to avoid going head to head with TheĀ X Factor and The Voice: Kids.

Now the schedule is:

6pm. Ian Thorpe: The Parkinson Interview
7:30pm MasterChef Australia
9pm Extant


  1. This is a good move for Ten to avoid clashing with 7’s X Factor and 9’s The Voice Kids. It is an advantage for Ten to increase ratings.

  2. There’s way too much reactionary programming these days – the networks seem to care more about programming against each other than they do about viewers.

    For TEN – weeks of promotions for 9.30 Sunday for Extant wasted – and yes – a lot less people will watch the Ian Thorpe special at 6pm than 6.30pm.

  3. What an unwise move. 10 has been extensively advertising 9.30pm as the start time for Extant.

    I imagine lots of viewers are going to be angry and disappointed when they tune in at 9.30pm on Sunday night, only to discover they have missed the critical first 1/2 hr of episode 1.

    If that happened to me, I wouldn’t bother continuing with the show, as I hate missing the set-up of a show. I realise I could view it on catch-up services, but why should I have to chase the show around just because 10 can’t get its act together?

    I mark this a Fail, channel 10.

  4. doesn’t make any sense. they move a show to 6:00 to avoid strong competition?? the thorpe interview is a good alternative for people that dont want reality tv at 6:30, but at 6:00 people will choose their regular news bulletin over it.

    same thing for MC, but better against SN/60mins than it is against 2 strong reality shows.

    i guess extant is the only one that will be at an advantage with this move. but if they really wanted extant to be a hit it would be much better off fasttracked to Thursday with absolutely no competition.

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