Calls for Seven to sack AFL commentator over gay slur

2014-07-13_0054Seven AFL commentator Brian Taylor has apologised after labelling Geelong player Harry Taylor “a big poofter” last night on air.

Brian Taylor told a Seven panel, “I don’t know whether you guys down there can hear me or not. I am up here getting ready for the game and I’ve just seen that crap from Harry — he’s a big poofter.”

His comments come at a time when the AFL has been promoting an anti-homophobia in sport campaign.

The remark has landed him as front page news and it lit up social media calling for Seven to sack Taylor.

The Herald Sun reports Taylor has previously landed in hot water for describing 3AW colleague Seb Costello’s dress sense: “I don’t want to offend his upbringing or his parents … but he looks gay. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a look as sophisticated is a look, as daggy is a look. You look gay.”

After the online furore, later in the broadcast Taylor apologised.

“I said something that I regret and I sincerely apolpogise in regard to Harry Taylor and anyone … [who was] offended by my remark  … and I sincerely regret any harm I have caused. So sorry for that,” he said.

Update: Seven Melbourne managing director Lewis Martin has issued a statement:

Last night during the live preamble before the broadcast of the game between Sydney and Carlton from the Sydney Cricket Ground, Brian Taylor, made a comment he sincerely regrets and unreservedly apologises for.

At his first opportunity last night at the half time break, Brian apologised for his remarks, in particular to Harry Taylor and his family and friends.

Comments such as those made last night are unacceptable and should not and will not be tolerated.

Brian has been censured, and will be supported through counselling and education to ensure this mistake will never happen again.


  1. twice in a month he has made comment like this. he is a terrible commentator and 7 really do have blinker on when it comes to their own personalities. none of the stable of commentators are up to scratch any more

  2. The problem with ex footballers with media careers is that a lot of them see themselves as comedians. The only humour they know it locker room stuff. They should leave it to the Hughesys, Malloys and Helliars.

  3. I was more shocked when he actually said poofter. I mean who uses that word these days. he is very old school and its not the first time this year his mouth has got him into trouble. What an idiot.

  4. No he should not have said it but… come on people I’m sure Harry has been called worst things than that. I know I have been.
    Aren’t we all getting a bit bloody precious?

  5. This incident is similar to 2 years ago when Yumi and George’s comments about Victorian cross winner Ben Roberts Smith. This has sparked a lot of uproar with the presenters to be sacked.

  6. Channel 7 need to sack that individual immediately for those comments. By not doing so, Channel 7 are sending out the message that they believe it is ok to call someone that. It is not ok and should not be tolerated anywhere in society, even as a joke.
    I’ve just watched the Ian Thorpe coming out interview and people question why he didn’t come out earlier. Homophobic comments such as these do harm to so many.

    • Have not seen media calling for him to be sacked. Have seen media reporting viewers calling for him to be sacked. Even his own network described the comments as unacceptable. So far most reports on Thorpe this weekend have proven to be accurate.

  7. David you are spot on if it was a racial slur he’d be out the door.
    What if he made the “poofter” gag about someone like Adam Goodes ?
    I reckon he might’ve been given a holiday by Seven,if not a permanent one.

  8. Makes him look like a tool. The AFL’s anti homophobia campaign needs to be extended to officials volunteers & the media. Maybe then guys like Taylor will be sanctioned & silenced.

  9. @blindowl, I’m sure BT didn’t intend to discriminate against gay people. Guys, just because you don’t like BTs calling style, doesn’t mean you should look for any excuse for him to be sacked. If he had his time again, he probably wouldn’t have said it. Sevens actions have been perfect, rash judgements don’t help anybody. If he says something like this again then maybe yes sack him, but he deserves at least one more chance.

  10. If a club member did this at a game, they could look forward to the rest of the season off. I suggest Seven do the same to its commentators.

    “Brian has been censured, and will be supported through counselling and education to ensure this mistake will never happen again.”

    No, to ensure this never happens again, you don’t let the bloke back on television.

  11. Aurora, it is not a “poor choice of words”; it’s also not a “simple slip up” Bullswool it’s an expression of discrimination, which creates hurt and harm in our community. It’s indicative of an attitude – an attitude the AFL is claiming to oppose. As for the apology – it means nothing. Counselling and education will only work if he has something to gain…like his job back!

  12. Could I suggest if people want to send a message to seven regarding Brian Taylor, why don’t we start using hashtags. #watchthorpe #boycottxfactor

  13. He’s a terrible commentator which should be enough to get him sacked but no way is saying that in 2014 acceptable. Get rid of him. Will it happen, probably not. And if anyone wonders why there’s no out gay players, this is why. Considering just last week Geelong Football Club announced support for gay marriage I doubt Harry Taylor and the club will be accepting his apology.

  14. And if he’d said ‘he’s a big girl’ instead? No one would care. Because girls aren’t a minority. Yet it would have meant exactly the same thing. Moral of the story? Don’t dare mention minorities because the moral police will crack down on you quick smart. I’m not saying I like his comment, but other groups of people get abused every day – fat people would be a good example – why aren’t the concerned masses sticking up for fat people?

  15. If Brian Taylor was to be sacked it should be because he is such an appalling football commentator, number 1, and secondly, homophobic slurs are just totally unacceptable by anyone.

  16. If a spectator said it to a player on field they’d be kicked out of the ground.If Seven and 3AW don’t suspend BT for a couple of weeks [at least] then the AFL should ban his media accreditation for awhile.

    They dumped him this year from the pre-game stuff for an obvious reason,so whose bright idea was it to cross up stairs to him just for that lame attempt at humour anyway ?

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