Comic-Con trailers: Vikings, Arrow, Gotham & more

Comic-Con in the US has seen the release of new trailers for upcoming seasons, so here’s a batch for your edification.

Beware: some of these shows, such as Arrow, have not finished concluding current seasons in Australia. So view at your own discretion.







  1. More Vikings! Excellent news – it’s been one of the stand-out programs this last couple of years!
    Constantine looks interesting… I’ll definitely give it a look.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    OUAT i still think is ok. The other new titles are looking promising. More darker and edgier. Makes me lament the fact that Australia cant make anything that great at least not consistantly.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    So the reboot of comic heroes and their transition to TV continues. I wanted to hate Constantine but… that trailer, it was sumptuous.

    I usually concur with Rotten Tomato’s ratings but I actually enjoyed the 2005 movie, Keanu Reeves and all. If the series can maintain the level promised in the trailer, I’m along for the ride, altho’ hopefully the clichéd music telling me what to feel gets toned down a bit.

    Gotham could go either way and of course I am looking fwd to S3 of Vikings.

    Arrow never grabbed me and I gave OUaT away when Seven started stuffing it around during S2. It was starting to get a bit lame anyway.

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