David Letterman ‘walks out’ on Joan Rivers

Video: Two old TV hands use comedy to make a point, and nix some stupid headlines.

2014-07-09_1142You may have spied a few articles in the media lately about Joan Rivers.

….like how she called Obama ‘gay’ and Michelle Obama a ‘transgender.’ Then about how she walked out on a CNN interview.

I haven’t bothered to publish any of them because while America has never been brilliant at understanding irony, it’s an easy clickbait headline to publish something she said, but missing the context entirely.

Frankly, if you don’t get Joan by now you never will. She is adept at using humour to make political and social points. It’s what comedians do.

With this in mind, this scene from The Late Show with David Letterman, sends itself up with great mirth (even if Joan is relying on some classic lines).


4 Responses

  1. I’ve much enjoyed River’s comedy over the years. I always thought she was one of the more astute comics. Unfortunately, time has now played the cruelest of jokes on her.

  2. I hope I’m as switched on and in the moment as she is when I’m her age. Love Joan and what a true professional she is. You can always tell when Dave really likes or trusts one of his guests. He gives them the floor and lets them run with it.

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