1. So either Who Do You Think You Are was mentioned on radio or their sports shows or both. With that figure. I was happier watching ironically the ABC.

    If permitted to admit I tried Louis Theroux on ABC2 Monday hoping it was safe to do so…
    That’s why I watched Four Corners and Media watch on Tuesday. Both were really excellent. Shows what short sighted people there are in this country.

    As for that Art + Soul thing. I’ll admit I tried Ch 72 first: didn’t stay. Then had a slight look at Ch 2. I’m not surprised it bombed. I just hope they realise it wasn’t suited and don’t over react. Unless it is with attempting good programming suited for the audience.

  2. The ratings for Studio 10 prove there is room for 3 competing morning shows and Nine need to re examine their morning offering if the trend continues. If only Wake Up had the same pull as Studio 10.

  3. I would have expected Under the Dome to rate higher that that.
    Just put on Kinne and deleted it after 10 mins, unfunny rubbish.

  4. Glad that people also watched the return of Who Do You Think You Are on SBS last night. It was a great episode with Andrew Denton.

    I also think it was a great night of ratings over on the multi-channels. A bit of variety shoves a few regulars (aka – children programs from abc2) off the chart. Bogan Hunters lifted up its ratings after a few flat weeks, while Kinne’s premiere did great too for 10pm.

  5. What the hell Channel 10 do with NCIS LA last night? Last week they where half way through the Comescu storyline (where Callen finds out about his life and Hunter is introduced as a character) to last night, which starts off showing Hunter had already been blown up! Without the lead in shows to those episodes it made no sense! Very poor programming.

  6. I know at one point, Sunrise was still trailing Today in Melbourne and Sydney and they won because of Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Hence I was wondering if this is the case now given the better ratings for Sunrise this year. Thanks but if you don’t have the figure, that’s fine.

  7. I would love Studio 10 to pip Mornings one day, and judging by these figures its only got another 27,000 to go. Numbers for morning tv would be boosted by school holidays though with students and teachers home.

  8. Nine originally had the rights to Midsomer Murders but either dropped it or on-sold it to the ABC. Over 15 years later the same eps are their top rating show on GEM.

    Oztam will only let you publish official tables and won’t allow you do any analysis of data that doesn’t conform to their approved standards using their approved tool.

    You are free to talk or report on individual data points.

    So you won’t see a breakdown of total and demographic numbers by timeslot which would be the most useful format, but what the Networks never want people to see.

  9. David – forgive my ignorance. is there a ban on providing ratings breakdown by city for programs outside Top 20? I was just asking as I was interested in the morning breakfast breakdown.

  10. Question for Ch.10 & Masterchef…
    What is the point of the first 25mins of your Tuesday “Immunity Pin” shows?
    Every week your ads for that nights episode always show who gets through to face the guest chef anyway…
    Doesn’t it kinda take the point out of it when you’ve already shown your audience the outcome?

  11. Very surprised by the poor numbers for Under the Dome. What happened to the other 500,000 that were watching last year? Virtually no opposition from the other channels on a cold winters night.

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