Foxtel channel changes

foxtel-iq2When BBC First launches on the Drama & Lifestyle tier on August 3rd it will be available on Channel 214 in standard definition and Channel 117 in HD.

This will result in some other channel changes.

As from yesterday UKTV channel is now only available in SD, but it moves to the Essentials package for all subscribers. UKTV shows set to series link will need to be reset.

BIO Channel, currently on Channel 117 will move to Channel 133 (series link will still operate without needing a new setup).

From the 24th July Foxtel will also be offering a sample of BBC First programming.


  1. Regional Viewer

    we need the two ronnies and other british sitcoms as you aware that fox classics showing some of those shows I gather they will stay put

  2. Foxtel continue to replace existing HD channels with new ones instead of purchasing additional transponders. This seriously reduces the need to be a conventional STV subscriber as HD channels are one of the few things that make it unique from IPTV alternatives.

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