Gallery: Deadline Gallipoli

Foxtel releases photos of its 2015 miniseries starring Sam Worthington.

2014-07-30_1312Foxtel has released first images from Deadline Gallipoli, its 4 part miniseries featuring Sam Worthington, Hugh Dancy, Ewen Leslie, Charles Dance and Rachel Griffiths.

Currently in production in South Australia the series explores the Gallipoli legend from the point of view of war correspondents Charles Bean, Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, Phillip Schuler and Keith Murdoch.

Sam Worthington, also an executive producer, plays Australian photographer Phillip Schuler.

“This incredible true story will resonate with audiences today,” Worthington said. “You only have to look at WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden to know the themes of Deadline Gallipoli are still as relevant today as they were back in 1915. We are excited and honoured to bring the show to Foxtel in 2015 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.”



Hugh Dancy stars as Bartlett, Ewen Leslie is Murdoch, Rachel Griffiths and Charles Dance play Lady Hamilton & General Hamilton respectively.

NIDA graduate Joel Jackson stars as Bean, John Bell plays Lord Kitchener while Bryan Brown, Jessica De Gouw, Anna Torv, Dan Wyllie and James Fraser also appear.

Matchbox Pictures is producing with Worthington’s production company Full Clip and will premiere on Showcase.




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  1. Is it my imagination, or is Bryan Brown in every single show on Oz TV? Nothing wrong with that, just an observation!

    I hope Deadline Gallipoli avoids the mistakes of Parer’s War, which covered similar ground. Parer’s War had no story spine, combined with tedious direction and even more tedious dialogue.

    Charles Bean was a tremendous writer – I hope the miniseries captures the flavour of his voice.

    I have all five volumes (5,000 pages!) of Bean’s history of the Australians in WWI. It’s one of the greatest works of historical documentation. I’m going to re-read the whole lot before watching this miniseries. Tally-Ho!

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