Hannibal to merge S3 and S4 storylines into single season

S3 will be "two seasons for the price of one," says exec producer Bryan Fuller.

2014-07-25_1612Season 3 of Hannibal is to merge S3 and S4 storylines into a single season, almost adopting the model of splitting a season that has been utilised by various cable shows including Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

Exec Producer Bryan Fuller has said, “We are on track with the original plan with the one exception of condensing what was to have been Season 3 and Season 4 all into one season now.

“So, the first half of the season will have its finale that reaches a climax and wraps up that story in a great way, and then we start a new story, and then that will have its own climax at the end of the season.

“Two separate stories that’ll have two finales and so you get two seasons for the price of one.”

Fuller told Comic-Con as well as the return of old characters, there will be the introduction of various characters from Thomas Harris’ books that have not appeared on the show before.

Co-star Hugh Dancy is currently in Australia working on Deadline Gallipoli for Foxtel.

Source: Deadline

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