It’s “The End” insists A Place to Call Home

When the credits roll next Sunday night, let there be no doubt. It's "The End" says Seven.

autv_aptchNext Sunday night’s episode of A Place to Call Home will finish with two words: “The End.”

At just 23 episodes the period drama starring Marta Dusseldorp and Noni Hazlehurst will bow out, despite still pulling close to a million viewers.

For fans of the show, TV Tonight can confirm there is a conclusion to current storylines, although it does feel like some of them have been hurriedly wrapped up.

One subplot which appears to have hinted at more for a third season is stopped in its tracks. It’s unclear if Seven filmed dual endings in case the series was not renewed.

Seven has also been coy about how much had been developed for a third season, whether fully-written by creator Bevan Lee or not. Lee, who had spoken about a 3-season vision for the show, is understood to have been looking at more scenes into the future for the characters.

A Seven spokesperson recently stressed to TV Tonight, “The decision not to proceed on Series 3 was a Programming decision not a creative decision.”

Other drama projects in development, include a completed pilot called Hartman’s Solution and more of Rebecca Gibney’s Killing Field vehicle, under a new name.

On social media, APTCH fans are still peeved taking to Facebook and an online petition.

The final episode begins at 9:15pm on Sunday.

And “The End” will roll at 10:15pm.

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  1. Horror very disappointed, much better than D/Abbey good Aussie drama Noni Hazlehurst how good is she in that role. Reality shows were rating higher so APCH went to a later time slot the same with D/Abbey. Both started at 8-30pm but then was moved to later and later time slots. Why is not the final episode 2 hours how can it end in 1 hour with all those wasted commercials. The insiders ABC 9am and the Bolt Report C10 10am every Sunday morning. Guaranteed. Shame Ch.7 maybe u should be a Reality Channel.

  2. The best Aussi drama, no pride in the industry or the actors. Sick of all the scripted junk 7 puts on to make money. All the reality shows are utter rubbish, APTCH is the only decent drama worth watching. Judging by the actors’ interviews they enjoyed every minute of it and it was obvious in their performance. Well acted, well written, addressed all the issues of the past that still present now.

    No watchng 7 in our household.

  3. My mum is in rehab after a knee replacement only just heard this was the final season and asked how she can complain. It’s one of a handful of shows she watches on the commercial channels and is so disappointed. I’ve sent her a link to this page to show she isn’t alone in thinking Channel 7 is short-sighted in ended this series prematurely.

  4. overseas it is not unusual for a networks in-house production company to produce shows for another network. it would be rare for that to happen in australia, possibly a first, but i don’t think there is ‘no chance’. I think ABC should pick it up, targets their traditional audience and rates much better than any of their current dramas. I think the audience would be loyal and follow the show anywhere.

  5. I am not surprised that Channel 7 has pulled the plug on this quality drama. After all, it’s only interested in the ratings and we know what wins ratings: seriously tedious reality shows such as My Kitchen Rules, Australia’s Got Talent and House Rules. And after the usual huge beat-up and build-up, what happens to the winners of these shows? Not bloody much – they’re usually never heard of again!

  6. Like everyone else i’m very disappointed at 7’s decision to axe A Place to call Home.I think it is the best Australian drama on tv at the moment,and it deserves one more season at the very least.Is there any chance that this show could be picked up by another network?It would probably be a god fit for 10,especially since some of their dramas like Puberty Blues may not be coming back for another season.

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