1. Well done to SBS on your ratings . I was one of those viewers who was watching WDYTYA. great programme .and the reason I watched was because of all the promos of the show during the FIFA World Cup of soccer.millions watched the World Cup the cross promotion was very good for SBS.

  2. Loving Under the Dome, and still yet to finish the book (which is very different from the TV show).

    But alot of these sci-fi series should have a beginning, middle and defined ending rather than being renewed season after season.

    It is the dragging out over seasons that brings most of these shows down.

    I remember the first season of Heroes was unmissable TV! And rated that way too! After the 3rd season it just went down… Prison Break was another one that started well then lost the plot over the seasons…

  3. Happy to see a more competitive tussle between Seven, Nine and Ten at 7.30 and also pleased to see X Factor ratings are well down on last year.

    Also surprised to see such a large drop for Under the Dome from last year. Beaten by Big Bang repeats, really?

  4. @Pete

    Story is OK, its the acting thats getting worse, especially the teenagers who play Joe and Melanie – the script obviously isnt the best, but their acting is horrible

  5. jezza the first original one

    Under the Dome would be a great movie concept, but as a tv series it is typical US fodder of a long drawn out storyline that could easily be told in a few hours. I just can’t be bothered with it…

  6. Viewers are saying that Under the Dome storyline is not as strong this year.

    Wait until next week’s numbers when it does not have the Masterchef lead in. 466K at 8.30 is not good.

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