Returning: Episodes

Matt le Blanc's sitcom finally gets an airdate, on BBC First in September.

2014-07-14_0157US / UK comedy Episodes finally has a return date for Australian viewers.

While Seasons 1 & 2 previously debuted on the Nine Network, will now premiere on BBC First (it was previously promised for UKTV).

These episodes aired in the US in January.

Award-winning comedy series Episodes returns for a much-anticipated third season. In this hilarious series from visionary creators David Crane (Friends) and Jeffrey Klarik (Mad About You), Matt LeBlanc plays an outrageous version of himself, a dazzling, multifaceted role for which he won a Golden Globe and received multiple Emmy nominations for Best Actor in a Comedy.

Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig, two of the crown jewels of British comedy are Sean and Beverly Lincoln in the series, an English couple whose hit UK sitcom is remade for US audiences and corrupted beyond recognition.

At the start of the third season, Sean and Beverly are back together. But they soon discover that it’s not so easy to heal old wounds, especially when additional secrets are revealed about their time apart. Things get no easier for Matt this year, as his career and ego continue to be pummelled. Even though Jamie Lapidus has left her husband for him, Matt still has a wandering eye (and other body parts), putting the one good thing in his life in jeopardy.

As the series progresses, we are plunged deeper into the twisted world of Hollywood. It’s a fabulous mess of desperate ambition and casual sex, surgically-enhanced actresses and network executives one pill away from madness. Through it all, Sean and Beverly struggle to rediscover the love they had when they started their American adventure, while Matt fights to reclaim the stardom that was once his.

Episodes is a brilliant, laugh-out-loud comedy that melds the best of British and American wit. Sexy, rich and sophisticated, the third season is the funniest one yet.

Starring: Matt LeBlanc (Friends), Tamsin Greig (Friday Night Dinner), Stephen Mangan (This is Jinsy).

Fridays at 8.30pm from September 12 BBC First.

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  1. This article had me puzzled for a while – I enjoyed the first two seasons, but certainly didn’t see them on channel 9. They were there first? I bet they didn’t rate!
    I can’t remember when I last saw anything on 9, years ago I’d guess {too many ads, yes I know 7 & 10 are just as bad these days).
    But it was on the UK channel, where S2 just finished earlier this year.
    Poor old UK channel will be left with only soaps once the new BBC First channel takes all the cream.

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