Sex Box coming to SBS 2

2014-07-01_1127Daring British factual series Sex Box, in which couples engage in actual sex in a ‘concealed box’ and then discuss the experience with experts, will air on SBS 2.

Friday nights have often been the destination for racy content and Sex Box, while not showing any intimate detail, offers frank discussions of diverse couples, including straight, gay and disabled.

Whilst couples are inside the box doing the deed, a panel is discussing sexuality in the television studio.

The Channel 4 series aired in the UK last year, but as The Guardian noted:

Sex Box seems to promise so much – the theory being that people will talk more frankly about sex straight after having it – but putting sex into a box hardly fits with the anti-repression mission statement. If sex needs to be out in the open more, what is it doing in a shed in the middle of a television studio, with flashing blue lasers around it to indicate that something exciting is happening within?

What exactly is going through your partner’s brain during and after sex? This sexy new show on SBS 2 reveals the fascinating truths and hidden thoughts of real-life couples’ sex lives.

Sex is integral to all our lives, it’s one of the strongest human drives. The majority of people have sex or think about having sex – often both. But few of us talk about it openly and honestly to those that matter most: to our partners and to young people.

Sex Box is a new sex talk show with a difference; a panel discussion about the real sex lives of people with one exceptional twist. In a unique television format inspired by the work of sex researchers, three couples will do what comes naturally – have sex – and then talk about it afterwards – whilst the feelings and sensations are still vivid and truthful.

They discuss their experience with show host, agony aunt Mariella Frostrup, in front of a studio audience and with a panel of experts, including internationally syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage, sex body-language and relationship expert Tracey Cox and psychotherapist, broadcaster and author Phillip Hodson.

Friday, 18 July at 9.25pm on SBS 2.


  1. @Chuck128: Yes, I remember Sex. I also remember how new Nine boss Bruce Gyngell went on Ray Martin’s Midday Show and slammed Sex, ordering it off the air. I’ve heard that Gyngell then ordered the wiping of the tapes so that no record of the show would exist.

  2. Anyone know why SBS stopped screening the Norwegian ‘Sex’ program? It appears to have had a 2-episode run before it stopped mid season.

  3. Any one remember Ch 9’s early 90s ‘Sex’?-That was ground breaking-If the French had made this, the walls would have been polarized 1 way glass.

  4. Armchair Analyst

    Looking forward to this show. Yes its late in airing on SBS and would have been better fast tracked but better late then never because it offers important information about sex and sexual acts. Which is necessary especially considering how prevelant porn is now and how misinformation can spread. Very important for sexual health overall to make expectations in the bedroom more realistic. Will atleast give it a go.

  5. SBS Acquisitions are sooo slow.

    Surprised this one has taken this long to be picked up. Would have cost them nothing and will do the job. Safe to say it’s “smack on brand”.

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