TEN pushes Nine to third place on Wednesday

2014-07-17_0955TEN sticking with first-content saw it rise above Nine’s night of mostly-Big Bang reruns on Wednesday.

With no Reality on Seven or Nine, MasterChef Australia had its biggest audience of the year on 1.22m viewers, while Offspring also won its timeslot on 981,000.

Seven network won the night with 30.1% then TEN 24.0%, Nine 23.6%, ABC 15.9% and SBS 6.3%.

Seven News (1.14m / 1.12m) was best for Seven then The Force (919,000), Home and Away (903,000), Highway Patrol (903,000), Criminal Minds (759,000 / 715,000) and Million Dollar Minute (579,000). Motive was 260,000.

MasterChef scored 1.22m viewers for TEN -its biggest overnight audience since July 2012, then Offspring (981,000), both driving TEN’s primary channel to its best share all year. Elsewhere TEN Eyewitness News was 687,000, The Project was 682,000 / 449,000. Family Feud dipped slightly to 657,000 but the number is drawn from 3 x channels. The Good Wife finished on 433,000.

Nine News topped the night with 1.25m / 1.14m for Nine then A Current Affair (970,000), Big Bang (802,000 / 758,000 / 626,000), Hot Seat (707,000) and CSI (333,000).

ABC News (820,000) led ABC1 followed by 7:30 (693,000), QI (585,000 / 467,000), Head First (467,000) and For the Love of Cars (275,000).

On SBS ONE it was Wild Brazil (238,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (214,000), Tour de France (190,000) and SBS World News (156,000).

ABC2’s Peppa Pig (310,000) topped multichannels.

Sunrise: 319,000
Today: 249,000
ABC News Breakfast: 89,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 16 July 2014


  1. Thrilled to see Ten finally having some success. It’s been one of Ten’s best weeks in a very long time. Ian Thorpe’s interview did well, Family Feud has exceeded everyone’s expectations, Masterchef returning to its grassroots has been a success and Offspring has continued to grow throughout the season. Here’s hoping Ten has turned the corner.

  2. Great news for 10. Nice to read their ratings numbers. Offspring was brilliant once again. A little disappointed with the ad for next week though giving away too much like last year’s spoiler. I wish 10 would have better quality promos to match the quality drama.

  3. jezza the first original one

    Heston week has been compelling viewing. ABC are now weak on a Wed, 7 and 9 seem to capitulate, so it is nice to see ch10 clean up.

    Does anyone else think or sense that a certain younger contestant seems a little starstruck with Heston….it may be the way its been edited, but it seems that way

  4. Glad to see channel 10 getting more viewers, hope it stays that way, channel 9 are really pathetic with so many repeats of TBBT, anything from around 14 to 19 episodes per week and another 5 nights per week of The Block, and then I suppose another 5 nights a week of Big Brother, Iam giving channel 9 away until they have something different.

  5. I am too loving this yrs masterchef, I feel like im back watching season 1 or 2. I would be happy if any of the remaining contestants won except one. I wonder how high it will go in its final week and whether they will travel anywhere?? Doesn’t look like it at this stage

  6. Week after next on Nine will be The Block Sun-Thurs so hopefully less Big Bang repeats, then 10 weeks later presumably Big Brother.

    Maybe Nine might be better off next year trying to strip The Voice over more nights for more of the season rather than hitting us with 2-3 hours of it in one night?

  7. Secret Squirrel

    I don’t think Nine will be too fussed about trying to find a replacement for TBBT any time soon. They’re very cheap and they still rated third and fourth in major demo groups.

  8. While Nine is strong with the news and ACA, very sloppy programming after 7.30pm gives Nine what it deserves. How long can you dish up repeats of TBBT and expect people to tune in? Good on you Channel TEN. Great ratings for Masterchef even though there was no reality programs in competition.

  9. Loving this season of Masterchef. There wasn’t anything else worth bothering about on the other channels so I just iViewed Good Game and that was my TV night.

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