TEN wins Sunday with Masterchef, record share for ONE.

2014-07-28_0942TEN has won Sunday night thanks to viewers flocking to Masterchef and sport.

Nine was pushed into third place as its multichannel audiences fell against heavy competition.

TEN’s network share was 29.8% then Seven 25.8%, Nine 24.3%, ABC 15.1% and SBS 5.1%.

ONE’s combination of Formula One and Commonwealth Games netted a record share at a whopping 11.8%.

Masterchef‘s penultimate episode sent home Emelia and scored 1.26m viewers on TEN as a result, winning its timeslot. Modern Family was next on 610,000 / 444,000, Extant was 507,000, Commonwealth Games was 498,000 / 328,000 and TEN Eyewitness News was 438,000. But numbers for ONE comprised around half the network numbers (see below).

Seven News (1.16m) led for Seven followed by The X Factor (1.11m), Sunday Night (885,000) but World’s Most Extreme Roads (555,000) is no substitute for A Place to Call Home. Castle was 283,000.

Nine has declared The Block simulcast its best launch in four seasons, but has not provided separate numbers for its primary channel performance. Shares for GO! and GEM were well down on last Sunday when some 300,000 viewers were watching alternative programming in the same timeslot. Nine News was 1.29m on Nine then 60 Minutes Late (985,000), The Voice: Kids (933,000). The Mentalist was 357,000.

Grand Designs did well against heavy competition at 988,000. ABC News was 879,000 for ABC1 then Silent Witness (645,000), Compass (482,000) and The Tunnel (375,000).

Neil Armstrong: The Enigma Explained was best for SBS ONE on 298,000 then Alexander’s Lost World (266,000), SBS World News (198,000) and Tour de France review show (117,000).

FIA Formula One was a big drawcard for ONE at 561,000 / 466,000 as was Glasgow Live (557,000 / 509,000). However there also appears to have been some technical issues switching coverage from ONE to TEN.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 27 July 2014


  1. Armchair Analyst

    This clearly shows when multichannels are used well that Network TEN does well. Pitty it took current management this long to firgure it out. However we saw low figures post winter olympics so i expect the same. Content is king on FTA tv as a said on twitter before. The scheduling must improve.

  2. I can’t believe that 9 is that greedy to even have the block on 3 channels tonight with the Masterchef final on. At least 7 is not having any good shows on tonight. This is why people should not watch 9 their to greedy.

  3. @SAgr8 I would disagree – there is so much great talent this year on the X factor – i love it even more than last year. I think the talent here surpasses the Voice which was mediocre – and it hasn’t been predictable – there are acts who i thought would get through for sure and they didn’t.

    However there has been singing show fatigue which doesn’t help X factor coming out at the 2nd half of the year. (however it is still beating the Voice Kids which is a relief!)

  4. New episode of Castle wasted on Seven last night after 10pm. It would have easily beaten that Extreme Roads special. It wasn’t that long ago that Castle, together with Bones, were over or at least nudging the million viewer mark.

    If you’re going to stick Castle that late and after that sort of rubbish special, keep Castle in repeats and stop wasting the new stuff.

  5. I loved the X Factor last year, but last night it was so predictable and repetitive. For instance, it’s obvious Jamie is going to get into the top 12 – he’s been promoted from Day 1 and despite giving a terrible performance last night, still got put through with no criticism or surprise. Ended up turning it off, and putting on a DVD! I feel it needs a major overhaul. Infact, I feel 9 and 7 need to come up with some new television projects! There’s nothing interesting or unique whatsoever about their current programming.

  6. Well done David for not publishing the figure for The Block in your News post. You’ve consistently followed this line with Family Feud and now again today. We can’t reward this silly and insulting practice of showing programs across 3 channels to try and inflate the figures. So glad you’re not buying into it David and if you’re stance goes some way towards stamping out this “innovative” scheduling, then you should be commended.

  7. ” But numbers for ELEVEN comprised around half the network numbers (see below).”

    Not sure what this refers to, David. (Unless you meant to say One?)

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