Update: Witches of East End

2014-07-18_2343ELEVEN has rescheduled next Monday’s Witches of East End premiere and Torchwood episode, presumably so as not to cannibalise its MasterChef grand final.

Updated: In their place are a repeat of Have You Been Paying Attention? and the movie Paranormal Activity 2.

Witches of East End now premieres 8:30pm Monday August 4th with Dexter at 10:40pm.

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  1. Secret Squirrel

    How embarrassing. Did they not think to check when the MC final was going to be on? That’s Scheduling 101. Ten, you need to train your programming monkeys better.

  2. HardcorePrawn

    Does this mean that Torchwood: Miracle Day is finally getting shown in Australia?
    I’d pretty much given up on it ever being screened…

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