2014 Audience Inventory: vote now!

70aiThis year’s annual Audience Inventory is now open -your chance to have your say on Programming, Networks and Issues in Free to Air and Pay TV.

This is the 6h year of the survey which looks at the way we watch television. Viewing trends are tracked by comparing year-on-year results so it’s important you have your say.

This is an extensive survey of some 30 questions across such topics as:

  • Reliable Programming and late starts
  • Timeshifted viewing
  • Online viewing
  • Catch Up and Second Screens
  • TV Guides
  • Issues in Television
  • and more!

This year’s survey includes additional questions on whether your are legally subscribing to overseas services such as Netflix.

It takes around 10 mins to complete. Make sure you won’t be distracted!

These results are often reported by wider media so here is your chance to send your message to the networks….

Survey closes Friday August 22nd.

Take the survey here.


  1. Secret Squirrel

    Thanks again for this David. Unfortunately I feel that the commercial networks aren’t responding to the main criticisms. Program overruns/late starts, in particular, have only gotten worse (longer delays and occurring more often) over the last 3 years. In fact, it appears to have become the standard model. Sigh.

  2. Getting so disillusioned with free to air television in Australia. It’s impossible to keep up with changes in timeslots, late finishes and programs that get shifted all over the schedule. I keep giving up on shows now or watch a watch a few that are recorded, timeshifted or on catch up tv.

  3. Done!

    I have 2 major peeves:

    Too many ads
    Shows not starting or finishing on time
    (because of too many ads!)

    And, I think that TV Tonight is the Best TV Blog on the Internet 😀

  4. Done.

    All I want is FTA networks to finish shows on the 1/2 hr. None of this 21:10 finishes or 19:32. It just to stop people switching to another program so you miss the start. There needs to be some sort of thing imposed to stop the FTA networks doing this. It really frustrates me.

  5. A moment of confusion:

    Q29: Rate any or all of the following FTA issues; merging public broadcasters.

    Does choosing important mean it’s important it doesn’t happen, or important that it does?

  6. Survey completed.

    My biggest hated in shows today is the growing size and business of the watermarks, and the massive intrusive pop-up ads. Both practices show a complete disrespect for the viewer’s right to enjoy a show in peace.

    No wonder so many people either wait until the DVD sets are released, or access the shows via other methods. The TV channels have no one to blame except themselves.

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