ABC boss farewells Australia Network staff

"More than 1000 years of professional experience" is disappearing from the ABC, says Mark Scott.

abcsMore than 70 ABC staff have begun their exit from the broadcaster following the loss of Australia Network funding.

ABC Managing Director Mark Scott confirmed to staff via email these would include both on air and off air roles. In July 80 roles were tipped to go. Not all the redundancies were voluntary.

“Invariably, some have grasped the forced chance to pursue other opportunities while others are frustrated to be leaving us at a time not of their choosing. We share their disappointment and frustration,” Scott wrote in an email to staff, published by Mumbrella

“With around 70 people taking redundancies, I would estimate that more than 1000 years of professional experience and dedicated public service is disappearing from the ABC. Through recent months of uncertainty, the 70 have served the public with dedication and professionalism, even though they and their colleagues knew their time was drawing to a close.

“We will miss them. They go with our heartfelt thanks and best wishes.”

In May the government jettisoned Australia Network, terminating the $223m contract between the ABC and DFAT. It is expected to keep broadcasting until mid-September.

Last week Scott indicated the ABC was facing ‘structural change’ as a result of government funding cuts, with more expected to come.

“Given the considerable challenges facing the ABC, future-proofing the organisation will inevitably result in further dislocation, a transition period from which we are determined a stronger and more agile ABC will emerge,” he said.

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  1. Anyone know if Tony called Rupert today to let him know the first promise has now been kept?
    And what is next on the list to keep his master happy? The axing of ABC News 24 can’t be far behind now.

  2. I remember reading that Skyhooks wrote the song Why Don’t You All Get F***** in 1977 for Triple J to play as the final song if the network was closed down by the Fraser Liberal government. I can just imagine what ideas the Australia Network staff are coming up with for their final broadcast.

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