Airdate: Jamie’s Comfort Food

2014-08-30_0155Another Jamie Oliver series will launch in mid-September on TEN, Jamie’s Comfort Food.

The six part series begins in the UK next week.

In this series Jamie Oliver takes us on an adventure to re-discover the foods that we love. He’ll take classic indulgent dishes and shows us how to get them right every single time.

It will follow Save with Jamie fromĀ 7:30pm Tuesday September 16th, despite Oliver’s cooking show unable to compete as prime-time content.

How far off until Recipe to Riches is ready? Must be held up at Woolies production line.

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  1. Save with Jamie has been an entertaining show, but I can’t help think that the recipes for left-overs are a bit surplus to requirements. Don’t most people just have their left-overs for lunch the next day?

    I think it was also hindered by the layout of the original series, where Jamie would have discussions with experts about nutritional value and cost. These laboured chats really distracted from the cooking and were the reason why my family didn’t bother with this updated version for a few weeks, thinking it would be just the same.

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