Airdate: Snow, Sex & Suspicious Parents

2014-07-27_1945Never let it be said ABC doesn’t air reality television, it’s just usually left to ABC2.

On Thursday it screens the UK series Snow, Sex & Suspicious Parents.

Might be one for the upcoming Reality Check to get excited about. ‘Cos I’m not….

This series follows three groups of friends as they descend on the winter holiday hotspots of Europe, where the action on the slopes is nothing compared to what happens après ski.

But what the unsuspecting young people don’t know is that their parents are secretly along for the ride, to watch how they behave. Are the parents ready for what they might see? And how will their offspring cope when they find out?

In Val d’Isere, musclebound Olly, party boy Jake and four of their university mates, Rossy, Moran, Katherine and Emily are set for the snow, seduction and serious drinking. But Jake and Olly are blissfully unaware that their mums are also there watching every move.

Twenty-year-old Olly grew up in Lancaster with his doting single mum Fiona. He left home for university two years ago. Fiona’s proud of Olly, but fears he could be drinking too much. Twenty-one-year-old Jake from Wakefield has also lived away from home for two years, and mum Libby still worries about his behaviour. Both mums expect their sons to be respectful to others and not drink to excess.

Arriving in France for a week of partying, the students waste no time. The drinks flow, and events quickly spiral out of control. It is complete mayhem as their rowdy behaviour leads to their apartment being trashed, the neighbours complaining, and the local police getting involved.

As their mothers watch the footage of their behaviour they’re not impressed. And how will Olly and Jake react to their mothers spying on them?

8:30pm Thursday, 7 August ABC2


  1. Secret Squirrel

    This is the sort of tosh that’s been clogging ABC2 for a while now which I vented about a few days ago. I used to watch quite a bit on ABC2 but nothing lately.

    Another annoyance (don’t know if it’s still happening) was the between program announcements which were noticeably louder than everything else. I just used to mute them because it was quicker than turning the volume down and up again afterwards.

    It’s no biggie. Time that I would have spent on ABC2 previously is now available for me to watch SBS2, which really picked up its game after the rebranding.

  2. While the kids featured in these shows are usually pretty gormless and vapid, how is it that they don’t realise what’s happening given this series has been going for a number of years now?

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