Airdate: The Sixties

2014-08-13_0006SBS screens an Emmy-nominated documentary series that explores The Sixties.

From the assassination of JFK, the Cold War and Civil Rights, to the moon landing and Beatlemania, this ten-part series is produced by Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman and Mark Herzog.

The first episode looks at “The Assassination of JFK.”

From the Cold War to the war in Vietnam, to the struggles for equality in America’s courtrooms and streets, the assassinations of JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, and RFK, the new politics, music, fashion, and technology of the 1960s reflected a period of monumental social and political change.

Through rarely seen archival footage, personal movies, interviews with eyewitnesses and expert commentary from a range of leading historians including David McCullough, Robert Dallek, and Robert Caro and prominent participants including Smokey Robinson, Carol Burnett, The Smothers Brothers, journalist Morley Safer, and political activist Tom Hayden; the series will reveal all of the key moments that helped to shape this pivotal decade.

The Assassination of JFK (1963 -1969)
Max Holland, Robert Dallek, Mark Lane, Robert Caro, Alexandra Zapruder, Vincent Bugliosi, members of the Warren Commission staff, and others trace the timeline of events leading up to that November day in Dallas, and try to explain why the investigations, media coverage, and personalities associated with the tragedy remain so compelling and controversial.

Sunday 31 August, 8.30pm, continues Tuesday, 2 September, 7.30pm on SBS ONE.


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