Bringing Sexy Back yet to transform Tuesday timeslot

Ratings: Seven's makeover show has had a lift, but not enough to stop Nine from winning Tuesday.

2014-08-20_0949Last week Seven’s launch of Bringing Sexy Back was upstaged by TEN’s clever scheduling of Mrs. Doubtfire.

This week there were no such distractions. That saw a rise from 645,000 to 734,000 but it still wasn’t strong enough for the timeslot, nor enough to topple The Block‘s 1.19m. With audiences supposedly loving makeovers of everything, it’s a bit of a reminder of how fickle they can be.

Nine network won its third night of the week at 32.1% then Seven 29.4%, TEN 16.8%, ABC 15.5% and SBS 6.2%.

The Block (1.19m) topped the night for Nine then Nine News (1.14m / 1.09m), A Current Affair (1.05m), Hot Seat (638,000), To Catch a Smuggler (613,000) and The Big Bang Theory (406,000 / 333,000).

Seven News (1.06m / 1.04m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (922,000), Winners and Losers (782,000), Bringing Sexy Back (734,000) and Million Dollar Minute (547,000). Chicago Fire was 339,000 / 233,000.

The Project (643,000 / 488,000) was best on TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 614,000. Save with Jamie was 451,000, NCIS was 388,000 and Under the Dome was 303,000.

ABC News (741,000) remains ABC’s strongest outing then 7:30 (647,000), Foreign Correspondent (575,000), The War That Changed Us (505,000), QI (436,000) and At the Movies (324,000).

Lisa McCune’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? was 412,000 for SBS ONE then Insight (273,000), Dateline (164,000) and SBS World News (139,000).

7TWO’s Crash Investigation Unit (297,000) was best on multichannels.

Please Like Me managed just 74,000.

The Morning Show: 142,000
Mornings: 134,000
Studio 10: 63,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 19 August 2014

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  1. I tuned in to W & L at 8.45 to be bombarded with 12 minutes of utter rubbish. Very TBL in the closing minutes. I got so frustrated waiting & didn’t want to change channel in case I missed the beginning of W & L. Thanks channel 7 for again not showing shows at their advertised times. No wonder figures are down given it’s starting later and later each week. I’m just glad the ratings for W & L was higher than BSB!and one final rant if it wasn’t for the ABC no drama would start at 8.30 – thank goodness we still have that!

  2. I watched Please Like Me for the first time last night. I went into it thinking “this isn’t going to be very good is it?”. I ended up liking it. People should give it a go.

    I also watched Back Seat Drivers afterwards with the Mrs and we had a good giggle at the colourful people on there. 🙂

  3. I’m not bagging the show, it’s not my cup of tea but I appreciate other people like it and I’m glad the ABC makes things for a lot of different tastes. Yes publicity is cheaper but it’s also usually more effective. People will read and article and retain information or watch an interview in a different way to looking at an ad. Look at Utopia, it also had a great publicity campaign because like Thomas journos want to cover it. It’s hard to get ABC2 viewers because I suspect ABC2’s target demo is watching it on iview. There is no incentive for watching it live. It might be a big hit but online. In this case ratings probably don’t represent viewership at all, it would be nice to know as if it is a hit online then the cast and crew should be recognised that they are getting an audience.

  4. I love Please Like Me and am glad we are making this kind of TV in Australia. The ensemble is terrific and up there with other recent favourites of mine, Upper Middle Bogan and The Moodys.

    For a nation conditioned to commercial TV, laugh track loaded formulaic comedy, shows like Please Like Me take some getting used to, sure. However, I fear many are judging the whole show on whether they personally like Josh Thomas or not.

  5. @JimboJones – in regards to quotable lines from Please Like Me one immediately springs to mind from Season 1 when Josh comes out to his dad – “some fathers would punch you for this”.

    Please Like Me is a brilliant little show – I don’t really understand the drop in figures, it had decent promotion and season 1 was successful. Luckily it’s doing well enough Stateside so a Season 3 is already a go. I wonder what the iview numbers are like.

  6. Wasn’t previously a fan of Josh Thomas but really enjoy Please Like Me and find it a really insightful, clever observational project.

    Though must admit Josh is coming across as a bit of a peevish, super critical pratt in this new season.

    Yes, Debra Lawrance is brilliant as Josh’s manic, “constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown” mum and Denise definitely stole the show last night as her memorable inmate on the psych ward.

  7. While I’m not a big fan of Josh Thomas, he does deserve a lot of respect for what he’s achieved (optus ads not withstanding!). David you’re right, comedy is very subjective, more so than other genres of telly. I somewhat enjoyed what I saw of the first series of Please Like Me but haven’t been so taken this time around. Having said that I’m glad it was funded and made, and feel this type of investment in younger writers / comedians is important to safeguard the future of quality Aussie TV.

  8. I have not watched PLM at all yet, but might now watch on iView to see if it is any good. Folk could lay off bagging this, you need an opportunity to experiment on the minor digi chs. Lets not forget that The Inbetweeners started off on the obscure E4 digi ch in the UK and grew massively from there. To get a vibrant tv landscape you need variety of styles…some connects, some doesn’t, some is a precious gem, some is just plain crap, but you need it all to differentiate.

  9. I think the problem with Please Like Me is its name. It does not accurately reflect the show’s premise.

    Perhaps it should be renamed to something like: Josh Has Random Uninspired And Grossly Unfunny Conversations With His Lame Hipster Friends.

    Seriously, God knows I’ve tried to like this show, but Josh is testing my patience (and everyone else’s, it seems). He doesn’t even attempt to tell a story or be funny or witty or anything really. Is there a single line of quotable dialogue in this show? Is there a single moment of drama? A single joke? Anything memorable?

    Is the whole point of this show to reflect the utterly vacuous lives that Gen Y people lead? I’m sure Gen Ys have interesting stories to tell – I’m just not sure Josh is the best person to be telling those stories.

    1. Comedy does divide us more than drama, and if you’re not seeing the drama from Debra Lawrence I don’t know what you’re watching. Last night Denise Drysdale was priceless. Josh’s humour is observational not plot-driven. It won the Comedy category in 2013 TV Tonight Awards alongside Upper Middle Bogan. I think to achieve a sitcom, including praised by US critics, at his young age should be rewarded. But it’s a big landscape. There is always Big Bang or Chris Lilley or numerous other comic perspectives out there…

  10. Please Like Me had a very good publicity campaign. Thomas was everywhere promoting the show but yet it got less than Head First and has lost 25% in a week. I suspect Thoma’s popularity is not as high as the press thinks, but it’s also possible it’s just being watched on iview instead.

    However because ABC don’t release iview figures how do we know? Obivously it will have a U.S audience but they should think about burning it off in two episode blocks if it’s goes much lower.

  11. Watched Bringing Sexy Back for the first time last night on a very weak night of television choices. Seemed like a cheaper, try hard version of The Biggest Loser. I can see what 7 are trying to do – summarise the best bits of a Biggest Loser season into one hour, but it just doesn’t seem to work!

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