Comedy debut tops Drama return

2014-08-14_0956Who says we don’t want a laugh?

ABC’s return to mid-week comedies helped the network to lift on its Wednesday performance with Utopia almost topping its night at 778,000 viewers.

There was plenty of love for the bureaucratic satire on social media as it upstaged TEN’s return of Wonderland in viewing numbers at 519,000.

But it was the Seven network that won the night with 30.5% then Nine 29.25, TEN 17.7%, ABC 17.5% and SBS 5.1%.

Seven News (1.08m / 987,000) led for Seven then Border Security (975,000), The Force (958,000), Home and Away (864,000), Criminal Minds (837,000 / 677,000) and Million Dollar Minute (515,000).

Nine News (1.17m / 1.07m) topped the night. Next for Nine were The Block (1.02m), ACA (987,000), Hot Seat (631,000). The Expendables 2 was 346,000. A second Block episode aired in 2 cities to 432,000.

The Project (705,000 / 514,000) had to cope with some technical issues early on, but managed to top TEN’s night. The Bachelor was 683,000 and TEN Eyewitness News was 642,000. Wonderland returned to 519,000, well down on the much-loved Offspring.

ABC News (792,000) just pipped a strong Utopia (778,000) on ABC then 7:30 (683,000), QI (681,000 / 445,000), Reality Check (559,000) and the last Head First (388,000).

Wild Arabia (281,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (249,000), SBS World News (140,000) and Borgen (113,000) were best for SBS ONE.

Big Bang was best on multichannels at 319,000.

Sunrise: 352,000
Today: 340,000
ABC News Breakfast: 91,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 13 August 2014



  1. Utopia was a disappointment-having worked in the ATO for 20 years, the level of stupidity and incompetence was far too high-dimwits like the receptionist would have never got the job, let alone retained it-what drives frustration in a job like that is the changing different agendas and political priorities of governments and now their private business partners, along with trendy ideas on procedures like office layout etc. Much of that sort of thing was far too obvious and overplayed in the episode-did find the business card thing the most amusing part of it because of that strange oriental obsession with cards (usually the Japanese though).

  2. Can someone please tell me who the blonde female panellist on Reality Bites was? I was only watching during ad breaks in The Block but I didn’t see her open her mouth once.
    Show seemed OK but Tom seemed to be a bit laboured reading the autocue…maybe it was just nerves.

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