Dancing with the Bogans

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.23.51 pm.jpgHere come the rumours for the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

Housos and Bogan Hunters creator Paul Fenech is the first name on the list, according to News Corp.

“One thing we can be assured, if we do see Mr Fenech rumba, we’ll be putting on our flannies in his honour,” writes Melissa Hoyer.

Fenech, whose 7mate show proved very popular, was also a participant on the injury-prone Celebrity Splash. He would be a good lure for getting more males to watch the show, which skews towards females.

Presumably the show will return to Tuesday nights when it does surface, just as it did in 2013. It ran through October – November last year, with three killer finalists in Tina Arena, Rhiannon Fish and the winner, Cosentino.

This year the show will be produced by FremantleMedia, not Freehand TV.

Be interesting to see what changes they make and what names they can lure to the table. Maybe even some international stars?


  1. no please no. Find some decent stars. There are plenty of comedians out there. I still reckon they should go after some sports stars that have retired.

  2. I’d be amazed if any proportion of the BH audience would be willing to sit through a whole episode of DWTS. Chalk and cheese, no matter who crosses over.

  3. Oh dear. I find Paul Fenech pretty insufferable.

    I’d put money on Gabby Grecko being amongst the cast too. *sigh*

    This won;t be an easy season to watch.

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