Doctor Who tour: Sydney Q & A

Peter Capaldi admits to being nervous as the premiere date looms, but the World Tour has a rockstar feel.

2014-08-12_2247Sydney was at the centre of Doctor Who‘s universe yesterday as Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman breezed into town on their whirlwind World Tour.

Media attended a screening and Q&A hosted by ABC’s Adam Spencer in the morning, while Julia Zemiro hosted an evening event which will screen next Wednesday night on ABC. iview will also screen the Q&A.

Here’s a taste of what went down:

Q: How are you both feeling with a week to go to the global release date?

Jenna Coleman: I feel really excited; I’ve been working alongside Peter for the last eight months, and I’ve been seeing what he’s been doing, and what he’s done with the Doctor, and the whole show. The tone is different, the pace is different. It’s still very much Doctor Who, but it’s new.

Peter Capaldi: And I’m… nervous.

Q: How’s the world tour going?

Peter Capaldi: Seoul was fantastic. We felt like the Beatles. People waving banners, and singing “Doctor Who, Doctor Who!!!”… just making up a tune, as I am. It was lovely. It sort of went crazy. All you had to do was open your mouth and they’d cheer and laugh.

Q: When you first walked onto the TARDIS interior set, what was it like?

Peter Capaldi: That was when we did the regeneration, which was when I joined the show. It was very strange. It’s a very emotional day, because of Matt’s leaving, and Matt’s fantastic, and they deliberately kept up apart, which was very wise. Because I didn’t want to see what he was doing, and I knew it’d be fabulous, and how do you follow that? And he didn’t want to see the next guy standing in his shoes, waiting in the wings to get on with it…

The episode premieres on Sunday August 24th.

You can read more here.

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  1. That’s not going to happen. The ABC is driven almost as much by the ratings imperative.

    David, did you attend the media showing and Q&A? Looking forward to seeing your review. (BTW, I attended the State Theatre showing- fantastic!)

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