How a young Orlando Bloom helped Nine win Tuesday

Ratings: GEM scores a 6% share with a Midsomer Murders episode from 2000, and increases its lead on Seven.

2014-08-27_1001Networks are becoming more creative with their multichannels and getting more numbers as a result.

A well-promoted Midsomer Murders episode from 2000 with a young Orlando Bloom pulled 318,000 for GEM. Together with Poirot (235,000) it lifted its share to 6.0% -almost enough to topple all of SBS channels combined. While it’s hardly the same as investing in local content like 7mate has done recently with Paul Fenech and Troy Kinne, it taps into viewers looking for alternatives.

Nine still edged Seven on primary channel shares but GEM and GO! helped increase the margin.

Nine network won the night with 32.% then Seven 28.0%, TEN 17.3%, ABC 16.3% and SBS 6.4%.

The Block (1.18m) topped the night for Nine then Nine News (1.07m / 1.06m), A Current Affair (938,000), To Catch a Smuggler (616,000), Hot Seat (584,000) and Big Bang (360,000 / 309,000).

Seven News (1.09m / 1.04m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (926,000), Winners and Losers (820,000), Bringing Sexy Back (687,000), Million Dollar Minute (557,000) and Chicago Fire (415,000 / 253,000).

The Project was 679,000 / 487,000 on TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 588,000, Save with Jamie was 437,000, NCIS was 426,000 and Under the Dome was 296,000.

ABC News (809,000) led ABC then 7:30 (624,000), Foreign Correspondent (540,000), The War That Changed Us (445,000), QI (433,000) and At the Movies (386,000)

The final Who Do You Think You Are? scored 436,000 for SBS ONE, then Insight (328,000), Dateline (169,000) and SBS World News (137,000).

The Morning Show: 177,000 / 119,000
Mornings: 112,000
Studio 10: 63,000 / 36,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 26 August 2014

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  1. Jimbo, you complain about Please Like Me every week. I really enjoyed last night’s episode. The humour is more about how pathetic and imperfect human beings can be.

    I have a couple of friends who watch it on Tuesdays but the rest watch it online afterwards. One friend said he’s waiting until all the eps have aired so he can watch the season in one sitting. So it’s not the kind of show whose audience is accurately reflected in overnight figures. But also I agree Tuesday 9.30 on abc2 is a terrible timeslot.

  2. After being a reader but not contributor to this site for years, I felt the need today to register and add a comment just to show support for Please Like Me. I really like it and have introduced the show to a few of my friends who also really like it. Last night I watched it with 2 other people and we laughed out loud a number of times. I wish the numbers for the show were bigger but it can be easy to forget tucked away on ABC2.

  3. So agree @DanR !

    With the exception of a handful of recent quality dramas, the local drama landscape here at the moment is looking pretty dismal.
    Cupboard is pretty bare so of course viewers are turning to all those top class OS dramas as an alternative.

  4. Australian TV right now is so sad. The lack of interesting and engaging programming is driving many of us to find alternatives to the drivel being served up right now. Careful it doesn’t become habit forming….

  5. Obviously a few more people ‘forgot’ about that josh Thomas rubbish last night. I guess they will catch up on iView. Such a waste of the limited ABC budget.

  6. @Pertinax….Foyle and Midsomer may be cheap, but they pull more viewers than Under the Dome, perhaps its a quality thing.

    @David…considering JimboJones knows all the plot lines, I would suggest that he is a massive fan as one of the few 64,000 still watching PLM…just observing

  7. I read Debi Enker’s article. She says we should all fling flowers at Josh’s feet. Hmmm…

    Seriously, there are still seven episodes left. You have to wonder how many people will abandon it before the last one. Aren’t comedies supposed to build audiences, not lose them?

    Did ABC release any iView figures. Maybe it did well there.

    I’m one of the 64,000 who watch the show. I don’t hate it and I don’t hate Josh. I’m just waiting for all the genius and laughter that journalists keep promising. So far I’ve felt short-changed. Maybe I’m just not getting it. Maybe the lame, one-dimensional, formulaic plots, bad acting and moronic dialogue are all part of the hipster aesthetic. Perhaps it is actually a work of post-modern genius, and in generations to come people will ask why flowers were not flung at Josh’s feet.

  8. Seven and Nine are using cheap repeats of Foyle’s War, Midsomer Murders etc to counterprogramme against The X Factor and The Block and take viewers over 55 away from SBS and the ABC.

    That episode has run in the weekday afternoons and Sunday early evening slots on the ABC and on also on UKTV recently.

    What it demonstrates is that there is a market for dramas on before 9:30pm. Just not a huge one with demos that they want for their main channels.

  9. Dare I ask how Please Like Me rated? Were the numbers so low they didn’t even register?

    Last night’s episode attempted to derive humour from poo “jokes”, knob gags and a routine about shaving one’s short and curlies. How could that not be a ratings bonanza?

    Oh, and there was a subplot about Tom sending a lewd text message to the wrong person. Josh must have been up all night thinking that up, because no-one has ever used that plot before in a TV show.

    And then there was the dazzling line, “You’re not a maniac; you’re a dickhead.” That sound you can hear is Oscar Wilde turning in his grave.

    Seriously, I’m still waiting for someone to post just one joke or funny line of dialogue from this show. Just one. Then I’ll shut up. I promise!

  10. I’m sure this episode aired very recently on ABC, unless I’m getting confused and Orlando’s been in more than one episode. Shows the power of advertising!!

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