Madam Secretary, NCIS: New Orleans, Scorpion coming to TEN

Three new US dramas will premiere this year on TEN.

2014-08-26_2357New US dramas Madam Secretary, NCIS: New Orleans and Scorpion will air on TEN later this year.

Madam Secretary stars Tea Leoni as ex-CIA operative and college professor Elizabeth McCord, unexpectedly thrust into the position of Secretary of State, who must drive international diplomacy and wrangle office politics, all while balancing a complex family life.

The CBS drama from creator Barbara Hall (Joan of Arcadia) premieres in the US on September 21st, and also features Tim Daly and Bebe Neuwirth.


Scott Bakula stars in NCIS spin-off NCIS: New Orleans, which begins with a Congressman found murdered in New Orleans.

Described as having “all the action, drama and humor of NCIS…in a colorful new city that harbors a dark side” the cast also includes Lucas Black, Zoe McLellan and C. C. H. Pounder. It is set to premiere in the US on September 23rd.


TEN will also premiere CBS drama Scorpion, which stars Elyes Gabel as Walter O’Brien as an eccentric genius whose team join forces with a government agent to fight the new threats facing America in the digital age.

Created by Nick Santora (Breakout Kings) this one also features Katharine McPhee and Robert Patrick, and launches in the US on September 22nd.

Local productions still to air on TEN this year include Recipe to Riches, Gold Coast Cops and Party Tricks.

TEN will also screen returning episodes of NCIS, Modern Family and Law and Order: SVU.


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  1. Looks like I will be watching a bit more 10 soon. I thought the Madam Secretary promo from the Upfronts wrap was one of the most engaging that I’ve ever seen, had me hooked for the 5mins.

    Also looking forward to Scorpion to see Katherine McPhee in the cast.

  2. I’m willing to bet that Party Tricks gets pushed to 2015 ala Secrets and Lies, Puberty Blues, Reef Doctors.

    Ten desperately needs some new drama hits, and these will probably have a better chance launching in October rather than February.

    Looking forward to Homeland too, hopefully Ten/One intends on screening season 4 in October.

  3. A US Secretary of State (foreign minister) who’s a woman? How ground break…oh wait-Maddie Allbright, Condie Rice, Hilly Clinton-lissom is new but it generally is in politics with either sex.

  4. Some bizarre casting for NCIS New Orleans. Zoe McLellan was in JAG for years, of which the original NCIS was a spin-off, but it appears that she’s been cast in a different role in this new show.

  5. I’ll very interested in seeing Recipe to Riches, Gold Coast Cops and Party Tricks this year! As mentioned below, it’ll be a tough sell for the new US dramas after the recent laclustre performance of other overhyped dramas.

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