1. Re Robin Williams, I thought it was great last night that 10 put Mrs Doubtfire on & I am not surprised it rated well. I actually thought all the stations would have put one of his films on. I don’t feel it was cashing in, I thought it was quite respectful & clearly what the audience wanted. After such tragic news, it was good to do what his family wished – to remember the ‘laughter he gave millions’. I have watched a lot of YouTube clips of him the past couple of days & plan to watch more of his movies over the next few days. He truly was one of the greats.

  2. @squareeyes – I thought the same, that he had a mean edge to him for the club & the first baby scene. After that however he was back to his sweet, awkward self which was great. I loved when he showered with Grace instead of just using baby wipes, I’ve done similar myself!
    The scene at the end with Rose being very manic was excellent. I felt extremely uncomfortable watching it but only because it was so realistic, well written & acted. I have bipolar & it was very similar behaviour to when I have abruptly stopped taking medication. Josh’s reaction was terrific, at first trying to diffuse & then realising it was a runaway train. I could see the sadness & resignation on his face.

    Shame about the ratings but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Josh’s fans watch it on iView or through other means given many of his fans are quite young & it debuted in the US last…

  3. I thought Bringing Sexy Back might work, viewers get to see the reveal within the hour rather than having to wait a whole season like with the Biggest Loser. But they may as well have called it Bogan Hunters Makeover part 2!

    A truck driver bloke was a bad choice for the show at this point. At least for the first episode, they should’ve had a female contestant as i am assuming (though i could be wrong), that the majority of the audience for shows like this are women. I wasn’t impressed with the trainer either, he just wasn’t dynamic enough, maybe a female trainer would have been better too.

  4. I like Josh and love Please Like Me, but I struggled with last night’s ep.
    Josh came across as rude and arrogant, particularly in the opening scenes where he was talking with his father and then with Thomas and Patrick at the bar.
    Where was vulnerable, awkward Josh ?

  5. I loved that Ten showed Mrs Doubtfire last night. I watched it and found it comforting as a tribute to a much loved and now sadly missed talent. Cudos to Ten for thinking to do it.

  6. Come on TVTim, someone at 7 would be giving themselves an upper cut for not thinking the same thing. He was a major personality and people were obviuosly happy for the nostalgia last night. 10 had nothing else to show. Apparently neither did 7 as they aired Bring Sexy Back.

  7. I think that’s a bit harsh @TVTim.

    A lot of people I know, including myself were kids when Mrs Doubtfire came out.
    His death dominated the news yesterday and it was such a sad day for so many of us that grew up with him as the voice of Genie or following him in Jumanji.

    I have seen Mrs Doubtfire a million times, but in a way, watching it last night was comforting.
    A fitting goodbye, to know that around Australia at leas,t he was still making people laugh.

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