Nadia turns to Restoration

Actress Nadia Townsend joins a new sci-fi miniseries, part-funded with a Kickstarter campaign.

2014-08-04_2326Former City Homicide actress Nadia Townsend has joined the cast of a new sci-fi miniseries which will screen online, following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Restoration raised $17,441 to fund its set-building costs now shooting at Melbourne’s Docklands Studios.

She joins cast members Grant Cartwright, Stephen Carracher and Rosie Lourde in the 3 episode story co-written by director Stuart Willis and screenwriter Matthew Clayfield.

Set in a near-future world where humans have their memories downloaded for backup, Restoration tells the story of a man, Oliver Klein, who awakes with his memories restored into a body that is not his own.

The online series is a Midnight Snack Production produced by Toby Gibson.

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