Nine News claims 2014 ratings crown over Seven

Nine News wins 21 of 40 ratings weeks, enough to snatch its second consecutive year over Seven.

2014-08-25_0017Nine News has claimed the 2014 ratings year having won 21 weeks of the 40 weeks ratings calendar.

It’s the second year in a row Nine has won, with Seven at just 5 of 26 weeks won.

The victory is all the more sweet given Nine took a gamble on a one-hour news service this year, causing Seven to follow suit (NB: Seven had been experimenting with the 1 hour news before Nine, but hadn’t committed to it year-round).

Nine is averaging 1.158 million viewers for 6 – 6:30pm weeknights in 2014, while Seven News is on 1.129 million.

At 6:30 -7pm Nine is averaging 1.078 million viewers, compared to Seven News/Today Tonight (in various cities) which averages 1.037 million.

Darren Wick, Director of News and Current Affairs, said: “When we regained the ratings lead last year, we made a commitment to continue to work harder than ever to provide Australia’s most comprehensive, most trusted and most reliable news service.

“We listen to our viewers and respond accordingly and are truly humbled they have once again chosen us as their preferred source of evening news.

“To have won back-to-back ratings years is testament to the ongoing hard work and tireless dedication of an extremely talented, professional and passionate team of newsmakers. Everyone in the Nine News family is driven to provide viewers the most relevant, credible and up-to-date news 24 hours a day, wherever it is happening.”

Source: Oztam Consolidated data to 15/08/14, Overnight data from 16/08/14-22/08/14. Week 7-34 2014 v 2013, Mon to Fri. Average Audience. Total People. 5 City Metro.

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  1. I think this @chivasssimo guy works for 9 or is getting paid by them. 9 just cause you are desperate please stop getting people to put your channel over other channels. Who cares that 9 finally can beat 7 in news.

  2. I’m disappointed that this will be seen as vindication for 9 going to one hour news. It’s too long and has a flow on affect to the rest of the night’s schedule. Result is lazy programming with a show (The Block at the moment) starting at 7.30 and finishing not long before 9pm, and no thought going into programming after it. Especially in winter months. The schedule becomes about one show. Would be different if something like The Block could start at 7pm, but that would expose holes in their schedule and force them to think about post 8.15/8.30 programming.

    Not to mention that the success of one hour news means they have a dilemma with how to fit The Block and Big Brother on the same nights in a couple of weeks.

  3. I don’t deny that 9news ratings are strong and ahead of 7s. But using the measure of 21 weeks = yearly win is bizarre. Should 7 start claiming weekly wins on Wednesday if they have won 4 nights?

    It is shares that determine winners, not quantity of wins.

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