Offspring finale will top TEN’s week

Ratings: Offspring's finale will end the week as TEN's best performer, but Seven's multichannels ensure it won the night.

2014-08-02_2343Drama fans bid a teary farewell to Offspring last night, desperately pleading for another season.

The final scene with a family photo was a fitting end to the season -and potentially the series- even if our mood was ungraciously interrupted with a frantic Wonderland promo before any credits had even rolled. Timing, people….

The show didn’t manage to top the night, but it will surely be TEN’s best performer of the week at 992,000 viewers.

Elsewhere Seven’s multichannels did rather well, perhaps benefitting from alternatives to Reality, and Nine News had big wins in Sydney and Melbourne.

Seven network won the night with 30.7% then Nine 26.8%, TEN 22.0%, ABC 15.5% and SBS 5.0%.

Seven News (1.11m / 1.08m) led for Seven then Home and Away (908,000), The Force (882,000), Highway Patrol (865,000), Criminal Minds (720,000 / 598,000) and Million Dollar Minute (552,000).

Nine News (1.2m / 1.08m) was best for Nine then The Block (1.09m), ACA (901,000), Hot Seat (632,000), Big Bang (526,000 / 437,000). Movie: The Expendables was 270,000.

Behind Offspring (992,000), The Bachelor lifted to 712,000, The Project was 666,000 / 437,000 and TEN Eyewitness News was 612,000. Movie: Water for Elephants was 241,000.

ABC News (794,000) topped ABC then 7:30 (631,000), QI (550,000 / 413,000), Head First (410,000) and For the Love of Cars (303,000).

Wild Arabia (208,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (189,000), SBS World News (125,000) and Borgen (122,000) rounded out SBS ONE.

7TWO’s Rosemary & Thyme (315,000) did well on multichannels.

Sunrise: 363,000
Today: 289,000
ABC News Breakfast: 85,000 / 47,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 6 August 2014

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  1. Totally agree David that the wonderland promo should not have been put on before the credits. For a split second I wondered if the episode was over. Rather than being the time to reflect on the episode the mood was spoiled.

  2. @paul2….unfortunately Crisis was cancelled in the US and also ch10 are not having much luck with shows from there this year. It sounds a little like 24, which I like, but didn’t really do so well on ch10. Thanks for the heads up I will watch it on catchup if tenplay doesn’t annoy me too much…

  3. Agree with @Secret Squirrel that the ABC seriously needs to fix their Wednesays – what was once a Wednesday night highlight is now almost an empty black void.
    Though hopefully Utopia and Reality Check ,starting next Wednesday, will go a way to fillng the void.
    Not a fan of Tom Ballard but wll give it a go.

    Have enjoyed For The Love Of Cars purely for Phil Glenister – what a character !
    Not all that different to the rough and ready Gene Hunt from Life On Mars really.
    A strange decision by the ABC to cut FTLOC halfway through the series though…..

  4. The new fasttracked show on One – Crisis – with Gillian Anderson, Dermott Mulroney and Australia’s Rachel Taylor was terrific, even if it must have bombed as ONE’s ratings were low. The only place I learnt about it was on this site, so thanks David. Ten didn’t publicise it at all, whereas it had the potential to be bigger than Extant. Hope they keep showing it

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