Returning: 90210

New episodes of 90210 will begin on ELEVEN in two week's time.

2014-08-21_2052New episodes of 90210 will begin on ELEVEN in two week’s time.

This is the CW series rebooted in 2008.

Season Four, from 2011, will air from 5:00 pm Saturday September 6th.

“Up In Smoke”

Naomi spends the summer dealing with the shocking news of her pregnancy and she quickly realises that she doesn’t have the status at college that she did at high school.

ELEVEN premiered S3 in March.

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  1. They should have put the latest edition as a lead in to Neighbours.Nothing against the latest Family Feud but there are some many of us who were only very young or only babies when the original 90210 aired in Australia from 1991 who would prefer this over Grant Denyer.

  2. I too are annoyed about ELEVEN going back to series 1, but at the same time pleased because I missed a few episodes, and I guess TEN are still intent on showing Family Feud at the same time on all multichannels, I wonder has anybody done a comparison as to what was on before hand on Eleven and One, I reckon the numbers would be about the same for whatever was shown on Eleven and One.
    I now miss Family Feud by crossing to Seven/Southern Cross News at 6.00 and then crossing back to Eleven at 6.30 for Neighbours, and then back to Ten for the last part of Rove on The Project.

  3. Glad they’re continuing with new 90210, it’s not a patch on the original but still.

    I was also annoyed about original 90210 going back to the beginning. Although I do prefer the early series over the later ones I was looking forward to watching it through to the end.

    I wondered whether Eleven only had the rights to the first six seasons or whether it is to do with the content of the later seasons? I’ve noticed in season six particularly there has been a lot of editing due to what they can show in that timeslot (which is frustrating because we’re missing half the story) and I would say some shows in seasons 7-10 would either have to be edited a lot or not shown altogether.

  4. It’s really annoying that 10 have gone back to season 1 episode 1 of the original BH90210 during the week on 11. They stopped the natural progression onto season 8 and by going back to the start, are replaying episodes which were only on a few months ago.

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