Returning: The Goldbergs

US sitcom returns to Seven next Monday follow The Amazing Race.

2014-08-07_1630US sitcom The Goldbergs returns to Seven next Monday night.

It will follow The Amazing Race: Aus v NZ (which begins at 8:40pm -which makes it a pretty long time to eliminate someone from X Factor) at 10pm.

As Adam abandons his trick-or-treating tradition with Pops to hang out with a cool new friend, Adam soon realizes that the fun they have in mind isn’t so innocent. Meanwhile, Beverly dons a costume so she can keep Barry from being embarrassed at a Halloween party.

That means Brynne: My Bedazzled Diary will air at 10:30pm with Parks And Recreation at 11pm.

On Tuesday night Bringing Sexy Back will run for 1:45 hr with Winners and Losers set for 8:45pm.

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  1. @strayamayte…

    What are Channel 7 doing? They obviously want their potential audience to go and download these shows so they can watch them at their leisure without ads, without having to wait weeks on end, without being jerked around by ridiculous scheduling decisions. It’s no wonder general viewing figures seem to be lower than they were 15 years ago.

  2. I caught this and thought it was garbage. But why does’t 7 complete other shows before replacing it. This show has been off for weeks and doesn’t have to be a priority!!
    Poor Parks and Rec fans!

  3. I’ll wager that the Goldbergs will soon go the way of all the other US-made sitcoms on Seven: bumped to a hideously late slot and its fans made to play “hunt the show” in an effort to continue watching it.

  4. 7 need to get their act together. TAR should be on Monday 7:30, X-factor results should move to Tuesdays. BSB after TAR. Winners & Losers after X-Factor. Make Wednesday 7:30-8:30 comedy night.

  5. @ Jake S

    Only two eps of Parks and Rec left of that season that is being dragged out, just like their treatment of Royal Pains. Here one week, gone for three!

    There is still a full season of P and R to be screened before we are up to date, so get a move on Seven.

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