Rumour: Real Housewives of Melbourne casting

Andrea or Giano? Is this series big enough for two big personalities?

2014-08-03_2247Casting questions on the second season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne have been swirling for some time, amid speculation that not everyone is back on board after that first volatile season.

TV Tonight hears rumours Andrea Moss (pictured, left) may only appear in episode one, in order to exit the series.

Such an exit would follow the staunch rivalry that developed with Gina Liano (pictured, right) who unkindly let rip with that insult in the season reunion.

With further rumours of new cast additions, a Matchbox Pictures spokesperson said casting was not confirmed and declined to comment.

Cast were understood to be able to exit the series at their discretion, rather than be committed to a second season.

Moss recently told TV Tonight she was unsure about returning.

“It’s not what I expected. There’s a lot more attention on us. It’s a whole lot bigger than I ever thought (it would be),” she said.

“It was a great challenge. I enjoyed it. But would I do it again? I will let you know after the reunion show.”

The show had its US premiere on Bravo today.

Season Two is due to screen later this year.

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  1. @David.. Do you know if RHOMelbourne is the first/only international version to be shown on Bravo? Despite the corporate links between Matchbox and Bravo, still a great endorsement for the show.

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