Seven secures Commonwealth Games 2018

2014-08-19_2356The Seven Network has nabbed the broadcast rights to the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

The deal, rumoured to be less than the $50m paid by Nine for Melbourne 2006, follows Seven recently announcing a triple play deal for the Olympic Games, through to 2022.

Seven also has all media rights for the event.

Seven Media Group CEO Tim Worner added: “We don’t just have television rights, we have all rights and by 2018 the way we consume those events is going to be completely revolutionised.”

These include free to air, subscription, online, radio, social media, mobile and HbbTV rights.

Kerry Stokes, the Seven West Media chairman, said: “We are going to be committed totally through the whole organisation to make the Commonwealth Games a success for Australia to showcase the Gold Coast, to showcase our athletes.”

80 per cent of the venues are already built, with Metricon Stadium to take centre stage and a $500 million Athletes Village at Parkland under construction to house 6000 people.

With TEN recently airing the games from Glasgow, Gold Coast 2018 marks the first Commonwealth Games on Seven since Manchester 2002.

Source: Yahoo


  1. Shame that Channel Ten missed out on these! Now the Network has to look at securing all the AFL TV Rights from Seven & Foxtel (Like how Seven had all the TV Rights up until 2001) as well as renewing Formula 1 & looking to the TV Rights for these following Sporting Events which all expire at the end of 2015:

    – Australian Masters & Perth International Golf
    – Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
    – Super Rugby

  2. I just hope Seven uses this rare opportunity to improve their standing in the GC community, such as re-introducing 7-produced local news (after all: Nine has a iron clad grip on most community events on the Coast, not to mention a successful local news service) and doesn’t just use this as promos for future product.

  3. Seven has done the maths !

    Being the host broadcaster will allow them to cross promote AFL, NFL, Olympic, Horse Racing, Sunrise, Seven news, My Kitchen Rules, House Rules, X Factor.

  4. I really enjoyed TEN’s coverage of Sochi and Glasgow so to see them lose both the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games to Seven is really disappointing. Surely they have got enough deep-pocket shareholders to allow for them to bid for both the Commonwealth Games as well as one footy code (AFL or NRL)? But in saying that I am very interested to see how they go in comparison – because if the underdog network goes and outdoes the richest Australian FTA network it’ll look very shameful.

  5. “These include free to air, subscription, online, radio, social media, mobile and HbbTV rights.”

    Seven should not be able to get the rights to all of these. They should have been all sold separately.

    It’s about time the Government changes that siphoning list, so that Foxtel can show subscription rights to sporting events once they have been picked up by a FTA.

    Never, ever, ever should a FTA channel be given subscription tv rights.

    • It’s up to the rights holder who they sell them to so market forces will rule there. If Foxtel wanted to outbid Seven that’s up to them. Anti-Siphoning does not determine who gets to buy rights.

  6. Oh great!

    Another sporting event that will become unwatchable with endless “Aussie Battler beats the 789th ranked ping pong player from Togo” stories while not showing any of the actual sport

    “Nobody screws sport like $even”

  7. Great news for Seven. They keep going from strength to strength. Fingers crossed they can nab the next round of AFL rights and also try and take the NRL away from Nine. It’s time that sport changes channel if it be Seven or Ten.

  8. 7 seem to be the only channel that is moving forward, think the other channels are strapped for cash and can’t afford big dollars for TV rights to special events, and if 10 are saving funds to bid for AFL rights think they need to lift the ratings on their current programmes to obtain this money, but will have to wait and see. At least 7 is moving in the right direction, good luck to them.

  9. Surprised TEN didn’t go harder for these. Glasgow rated decently for them and helped them achieve their best results in years, and as these games are here in Australia they will be much cheaper to broadcast and probably rate higher as well.

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