Seven spoils TEN’s ratings party

2014-08-10_1440It’s the cruellest of blows for TEN.

After winning its first ratings week in 4 years, the victory was short-lived. Seven has now snatched back the week after Consolidated figures saw TEN forfeit the win.

Final numbers for July 27th – August 2nd will now stand as:

Consolidated week
Seven: 27.0
TEN: 26.9
Nine: 25.3
ABC: 15.9
SBS: 4.9

At least TEN enjoyed a week of celebrations and press, it’s just a shame the victory won’t stand in the long run.

Meanwhile, Seven also won last week’s ratings.

It was a close week between Seven and Nine, with both tied by Friday. But Seven’s multichannel numbers on Saturday helped push it over the line.

Seven: 29.9
Nine: 28.8
TEN: 19.0
ABC: 17.0
SBS ONE: 5.4

Seven News (Sun: 1.27m) was Seven’s top show then Sunday Night (1.09m), X Factor (Tues: 1.09m) and The Force (882,000).

The Block was the week’s top show on Sunday at 1.38m viewers. Next for Nine was Nine News (Sun: 1.26m) and Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year South America (1.00m).

Offspring‘s farewell (992,000) topped TEN’s week followed by The Bachelor (712,000) and 50 Years Young (666,000).

Grand Designs (954,000) led ABC followed by Australian Story (779,000) and ABC News (Sun: 779,000). Who Do You Think You Are? (452,00) was best for SBS ONE then Destination Flavour Down Under (365,000) and Heston’s Great British Food (343,000).

Primary channel:
Seven: 20.6
Nine: 20.3
ABC: 12.4
TEN: 12.3
SBS ONE: 4.3

GO!: 4.8
7TWO: 4.7
7mate: 4.5
GEM: 3.7
ONE: 3.7
ABC2: 2.8
ABC News 24: 1.1
SBS 2: 0.9
ABC3: 0.7
NITV: 0.1

Nine won the demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven won Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Nine won Tuesday and Thursday. Both tied for Monday.

Seven ranked first in all cities except Sydney, again won by Nine.


  1. Maybe the programmers at Ten can take a break from throwing red cordial and ice cream at eachother and learn that even the blockheads over at nine have realised that multichannels with interesting and alternative content actually help their numbers – not multichannels full of failed and repeated reality dreck, reheated cooking shows and boring gameshows.

  2. Don’t speak too soon tomothyd. 10 were behind on the primary channel last week & only win out overall over ABC because the % share does not take into account the large daytime ABC2 numbers.

    And 10 haven’t started this week out well, with over 3% to make up after Sunday night.

  3. At least TEN are beating ABC again which is a small victory to no longer be in fourth position so frequently. If only they could find a better format for ONE to lift the channel and see the network get over 20% more often.

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