Sneak Peek: Please Like Me

2014-08-16_0014Denise Drysdale totally steals the scene in the next episode of Please Like Me on ABC2. The veteran star plays Ginger, who is staying in the same hospital as Josh’s mum (Debra Lawrence) and fellow patient Hannah (Hannah Gadbsy).

Mum is admitted into a private psychiatric hospital and struggles to accept her fate. At Patrick’s backyard party, Tom meets a cute girl, Jenny, and Josh meets an odd boy, Arnold. When Mum is spooked by her new room-mate, Josh has to foil a breakout attempt and head back to the hospital, where he meets Mum’s fellow patients, Hannah and Ginger, and feels strangely at home.

9:30pm Tuesday ABC2.

Warning: language.


  1. Maybe Josh is just making the show he wants to make. It always amuses me when people think they have a claim over how an artist should make their art. I have full faith in Josh delivering another masterpiece of a season. Season one was my tv highlight of the year!

  2. What’s with all the swearing on the new Please Like Me? I recall the first series being quite sweet and innocent in its tone (note that I did actually watch the first series – twice – before you accuse me of being a Josh hater). Is Josh trying to turn himself into a tough-talking dude? If so, he should probably update his wardrobe (a leather jacket might help). Or is he trying to be hip? Or maybe he’s trying to compensate for the complete lack of anything resembling a plot? Or maybe he’s trying to out-girl Girls? Or maybe he thinks swearing is funny and/or a substitute for proper jokes? I wonder if Pivot were OK with the language.

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