TVN apologises following ‘unacceptable’ presenter remarks

2014-08-04_0058Racing network TV has apologised for comments made by presenter Richard Callander during live coverage of Saturday’s Rosehill meeting.

On Twitter some viewers took aim at his remarks:

“TVN is aware of an inappropriate comment used during the Live Racing Broadcast on Saturday,” TVN said in a statement.

“The comment made is not acceptable and TVN does not condone its use. The channel is reviewing the situation and will be addressing the issue with the presenter involved.

“We apologise for any offence caused to any of our valued viewers.”

The remarks follow Seven recently censuring AFL commentator Brian Taylor after “unacceptable” remarks and Ian Thorpe talking about his struggle coming out as gay in the sporting arena.

Via: News Corp


  1. He apologized because he had to. Surely you would know by now it’s unacceptable and if you sincerely didn’t mean it you wouldn’t say it in the first place. If it was a racist remark he would be banned. Double standards.

  2. jezza the first original one

    His apology seems swift, sincere and concise. That’s fair enough, time to move on rather than exaggerate an incident hardly anyone would have known about

  3. Richard Callander is the most unprofessional broadcaster currently on air in Australia, he should be stood down for at least a period of 6 months. His comments were disgusting and the half arsed apology he has come out with via Twitter really doesnt cut it.

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